Topping up Valuation Level 2 to Achieve RICS VRS



DeLever RICS APC Top Tips from Jon Lever FRICS

Did you know there is an option where you can pass your APC with your Valuation competency declaration at Level 2 and then TOP UP to Valuer Registration (Level 3) at a later date?

I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, so what do I know about Land and Property Valuation and the Red Book..?

Well, the answer is NOT A LOT because it is not within my required pathway or skill set…!  BUT what I do know, in my roles as an RICS Training Advisor and RICS UK Licenced Assessor Trainer, is that I am still observing a substantial referral rate in the Valuation (Level 3) Competency area and I often have discussions with candidates who can adequately achieve Valuation Level 2 but lack the opportunity to gain Level 3 experience within their working environment, yet still want to declare it to Level 3 for their APC Final Assessment!  Stranger still, even in this situation candidates are willing to risk their chance of success by declaring Valuation to Level 3 in the hope that they can just maybe wing it at the Final Assessment!

I think it is worth reinforcing at this point that I am not saying don’t do Valuation to Level 3, but I am saying only do it if you can adequately well achieve the requisite experience, which I hope is common sense.  I have no hidden agenda or views on the pros or cons of VRS and remember I started this blog article with “I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, so what do I know…”.

STOP, PAUSE and CONSIDER the following… APC Assessors are trained by RICS to ensure anyone declaring Valuation Level 3 is correctly tested at Level 3, which means an in-depth discussion around real-life Valuations you have done and advised upon.  If you are successful at Final Assessment and can achieve Valuation Level 3 you will then automatically obtain VRS status. So, with the best will in the world, you CANNOT wing this assessment!

OK, so hopefully I have set the scene for where I want to go with this blog article…

What I do want you to realise is that there are OPTIONS available to you where you can declare Valuation to Level 2 and ACE your APC and if you want to become a Registered Valuer then you can do this as a TOP UP at a later date.  So if Valuation Level 3 is not where you are right now, then don’t try and kid yourself that you will pass the Final Assessment.  Of course there is another consideration here too and that is candidates often look at the APC Final Assessment as a time related right of passage, “I have achieved the minimum training period therefore I MUST BE READY for my Final Assessment…”.  Sadly this is all too often NOT the case and however hard it may seem to make the decision it is better to focus on competency achievement rather than time served.  So if you are declaring Valuation to Level 3 but you have not yet achieved it then defer your final assessment and plan a programme of experience gathering and improve your chance for success.

NOW this is the crux of this blog article, WHAT IS THE VRS TOP UP?  Well that is something I am also finding that a lot of people don’t know about, so I have been on a mission to find the relevant information and give you a link to it.  I am here to raise awareness and offer you the opportunity to review your options and ensure you can make a sensible and informed decision.

And I quote:
“RICS Valuer Registration Scheme and the APC:  Those qualifying for chartered membership after 1 January 2012 are required to meet the Valuation or Valuation of Businesses and Intangible Assets competency to Level 3 at Final Assessment to be eligible for the Registered Valuer title. If you did not achieve either competency to Level 3 after this date, you are required to undertake a further assessment in order to register. There are three key elements to the assessment:”

So here are the links to the key information:



Happy reading and I hope this small observation has been useful… My job is done and I’m off to count some bricks!

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