DeLever FREE APC Masterclass ONLINE – Commercial, Residential, Valuation Pathways – UPDATE

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DeLever FREE APC Masterclass Recording for ‘Introduction to Valuation’ including Commercial, Residential & Valuation Surveying’.
Speaker: John Faulkner FRICS   

CP RES VALThis FREE DeLever APC Commercial, Residential and Valuation Masterclass explaining a ‘Introduction to Valuation’ was delivered by John Faulkner FRICS on the 6th December with about 18 people attending.

We discussed the up and coming DeLever APC Commercial, Residential and Valuation relevant Masterclasses which will be running through January and March 2013(, 30 minute explanation of the Valuation Competency followed by 30 minutes of pathway specific Q&A.

A few stats for you:

1. 75% rated the DeLever APC Masterclass & Online system ‘Excellent’.
2. The rest rated it ‘Good’

We are always looking to improve our carbon foot print and save you money. To attend a similar event or receive similar training, our delegates felt we saved:
1. 67% felt we saved them 1 hour and about £50 of expenses
2. 33% felt we saved them 2 hours and about £80 of expenses

If you missed this and would like to view it?

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