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This week at DeLever Towers we have been Inundated with questions about your ‘Case Study’ It would seem there is a complete gap here or lack of available knowledge / Information available.

The Case Study is a big part of your Final Assessment.
Not knowing it or have a full understand and if the RICS APC Assessors get a sniff that you are either BS’ing it or blagging. May as well prepare for REFFERAL!APC Case

Ok so now that you’ve realised the importance, let put some help together.
First get the APC Case Study Graphical Explanation –>

Now what else can you do:

APC Case Study Pack from DeLever

A fantastic resource for anyone embarking upon one of the most important elements of the APC Submission documentation.

This pack contains:

  • Rules of Conduct Explained

  • Professional Ethics Explained

  • Plus a BONUS copy of the APC Case Study Explained

What else can be done ??
How about if I told you that a Final Assessor could look at your final assessment presentation and tell you what they would ask ???
The keyholder is giving you a gold key.
APC ISPY Click here

I’ll not mention the format for the presentation guide, that’s a click on here

RICS APC Final Assessmnet Case Study presentation


It’s more than just a diary…

It’s more than just a diary…

Accelerate your career by gaining MRICS status in the shortest time.  Take control today!

  • It’s quick and easy to use and saves masses of APC admin time.
  • It tracks your progress so you can address any imbalance in competency experience.
  • Your Supervisor and Counsellor meetings will be more effective and helpful to you.
  • Preparing your APC submission will be much easier.
  • The reports helps you prepare for Supervisor and Counsellor meetings and helps to focus discussion on the areas most useful to
  • Supervisors and Counsellors can monitor, review and sign-off your progress, electronically.
  • Your log book will be created automatically, requiring no extra time.
  • Your recorded CPD (formal and informal) is automatically collated and presented.
  • Store your case study in myAPCDiary so it’s safe, backed up in the cloud and accessible for update by you or review by your Supervisor or Counsellor any time.
  • Preparing the submission for your APC will be easy by clicking for an output to a spreadsheet and a quick copy and paste into the RICS templates current at that time.

Don’t forget the first month is free! Sign up without any payment details and try it! Go to and use the grey free sign up box in the middle of the screen.

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RICS expects candidates to be perfect in the final APC Interview? In other words, why would a candidate fail the APC?”

Jon Lever says … “I am often asked whether RICS expects candidates to be perfect in the final APC interview? In other words, why would a candidate fail the APC?”

Jon Lever’s advice on Why candidates may ‘fail’ the APC?

Firstly, The APC Final Assessment is not an exam; it is an experiential based assessment which is quite different. I find a lot of candidates think it the APC is something you can revise a few weeks before and hopefully your questions come up.  This could not be any further from the truth!

A test of your understanding?
You are attending an interview with three other professionally Chartered Surveyors to discuss your Knowledge (Level 1), Skill and Ability through examples of application and advice (Level 2 and 3).  This means that you need to know what the competency means and the depth and breadth of knowledge is important, but when taking a competency to a higher level then you must be able to discuss it, offering in depth examples of where you have had the experience and offered the advice relevant to the competency.

For example, if a competency you have selected has 10 steps from beginning to end, you should be able to:

Level 1 – Know the steps to complete the process and be able to discuss each step from a knowledge and process perspective.  Know the principles, parameters and key criteria without having to go back to the books or codes of practice etc.

Level 2 – You should be able to discuss your real life experiences from a range of different project types explaining how you have actually done each of the steps.

Level 3 – If and when discussing with a client about a relevant solution to a problem / challenge they have, you should be able to discuss with them and advise a suitable (correct) solution to cover each step.  This advice should be based upon and taken from your experiences you have had at Level 2. Assessors are also looking to see how you will conduct yourself and therefore presentation, communication and professional conduct also feature high in the assessment.

Assessors do not expect candidates to be experts in every competency they declare, but they do expect candidates to have made the effort to have fully understood and taken steps to experience the depth and breadth of their declared competencies.  The APC Final Assessment is not easy, it is not meant to be, it is a professional interview where a successful candidate demonstrates to other Chartered Surveyors that they are competent and can be trusted to be professional.

A test of your professionalism
It is a good idea to treat your panel as if you were attending a progress meeting with a client, be on your best professional behaviour, have your client’s interest foremost in your mind and be able to explain and discuss yourself professionally and succinctly.

At the APC Final Assessment a candidate must convince a panel of professional Chartered Surveyors that they are a ‘Safe Pair of Hands’ and should they achieve their Chartered Status and set up their own practice they know their business and they understand how they are expected to conduct themselves and not bring themselves, the institution and all other Chartered Surveyors into disrepute.

Why could you be referred?
Unfortunately, candidates are mainly referred at the Final Assessment due to a lack of understanding of the process or their competencies, or through a lack of experience so they are unable to demonstrate their ability. If a candidate is unable to discuss at the final assessment the basics as laid down in the competencies, then the assessors will refer the candidate.  You would be surprised how many candidates come forward for assessment thinking they can demonstrate a Level 3 competency by just having the outline knowledge without any real experience of it!

In the 15 years I have been assessing this is a constant issue and I often say that about 50% to 60% of candidates I see at the interview are poor.  This percentage is much higher at the mock interviews I provide, but thankfully they are mocks and I am able to identify and demonstrate to these individuals the gaps they have in their knowledge and experience.

I achieved my APC Final Assessment and Chartered Status over 20 years ago and I am as proud today as the day I achieved it. I believe that success comes from hard work, being realistic about whether you are ready to take the final assessment, a positive attitude to continually grow and develop and try to always do everything to the best of your ability.

DeLever Mock Interviews

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Hour long mock interviews followed by fifteen minutes of excellent direct feedback…

A 60 minute APC mock interview with real and current APC assessors. The DeLever APC mock interview is as close to the real thing as we can make it. The interview questioning will be based on your personal APC submission documents, just like the real APC final assessment.  The mock interview is followed immediately by a 15 minute feedback critique from the assessors based upon your performance.*


“Useful experience. Developed my knowledge of the process.  Helped to build my confidence”.

“A very real and formal experience. An understanding of what to expect.  Has been invaluable.  I would recommend it to anyone undergoing the APC”.

“It was a great opportunity to experience the format of the real Final Assessment”.

“My weakness was my inability to communicate effectively. The mock interview has helped me to work on this and really opened my eyes to the issue”.

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March 2016 – Face to Face, 2 Assessors

  • 13th March 2016 (Sunday) | East Midlands | BS, BINF, CP, FM, MC, P&D, PM, RES, VAL
  • 14th March 2016 (Monday) | Harrogate | CP, QS&C, RES, VAL
  • 20th March 2016 (Sunday) | East Midlands | BS, BINF, CP, FM, MC, P&D, PM, RES, VAL
  • 26th March 2016 (Saturday) | East Midlands | BS, BINF, CP, FM, MC, P&D, PM

April & May dates also available.

ONLINE Mocks can be booked anytime to suit assessor and candidate.

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Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop

Helps you get everything right for submission
(Don’t Forget to bring your documents to be reviewed !)

Intensive one-day workshop 12/13th March 2016 

The workshop clearly explains and helps you to understand what the assessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview. Jon Lever FRICS explain more below :

Benefits of attending the workshop

  • Understand what the assessors are expecting you to know and have done for each of your technical competencies

  • Understand how the mandatory competencies will be assessed

  • Understand how best to prepare for the final assessment

  • Understand how the final assessment will be structured and what to expect

  • Gain an appreciation of the Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics and how they will be assessed

  • Experience how the assessors will ask competency, knowledge, experience, current affairs and rules of conduct and ethics questions


EBS limited places_s
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JON LEVER Tip of the week

Have you got the free stuff ? No ? then go and get it !

First go and get yourself a free APC Timeline to give you critical dates, what you need to do and when  !


Go get it now !! Click here half way down on right.

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TIP of the Week  

Prepare prepare and prepare !

Once your Case Study is finished you should focus on developing your 10 minute presentation. I have seen a number of candidates present something different from their Case Study at the final assessment; you will be referred if you do this.

Preparing for the Final Assessment

Preparing for the Final Assessment

If you bring a flip chart or handouts they should look professional. Your notes should be detailed enough to be a useful prompt, but not a script that you read to the assessors. A vital part of your preparation is to make sure that you practice to polish your performance and get your timings right.

Make sure you understand and know the RICS Rules of Conduct and Global Ethical Standards as they are one of the key areas of APC knowledge and experience that if you get wrong at the final assessment you will be referred. Make sure you have the latest version and discuss the Rules of Conduct and Ethics with your supervisor and counsellor at your 3 monthly meetings; you can probably record this as ‘formal learning’ in your CPD

 Submission Documentation Workshop  

Monday 08.02.16

Jon Lever FRICS discusses typical submission document tips and pitfallsSend Jon your documents and he may pick examples and offer guidance for improvement
Click here for more info and book 

DeLever Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop

DeLever Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop

Helps you get everything right for submission

Intensive one-day workshop

The workshop clearly explains and helps you to understand what the RICS APC training supportassessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.  

Lunch and refreshments are included as well as a bacon butty (or alternative) on arrival

Workshop location

Land and Property pathways covered

Feedback quotes from the latest workshop

28th Feb 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, Land and Property

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£185.00 £0.00 £37.00 Sold Out
28th Feb 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, Land and Property

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£195.00 £0.00 £39.00 Available
12th Mar 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, QS and Construction

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£175.00 £0.00 £35.00 Available
13th Mar 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, BINF, BS, PM

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£175.00 £0.00 £35.00 Available

More info and Book