7 TIPS to start Preparing for the Final Assesment… “Demystify the process!” “Remove the worry and frustration..”

Session 2 2017 is 6-8 weeks away…

It’s been tough and the emotional rollercoaster is about to step up a gear!
It’s a tough process and gruelling for some people with jobs that demanding time.
Keep your head as ‘Good news’, according to the Oyster Partnership recruitment company, Charter Surveyors are in high demand and they can not see a drop-off.

With weeks to go and not years or months, we must focus on the reason your here at this post. Session 2 2017!
I’m going to give you some advice from Jon Lever FRICS an Assessor of the actual assessors.

1/ Take the week off or ask for study leave.

Seriously this is a milestone in life.
Treat the final weeks as a job, work 7-8 hrs a day and 5 hrs at a weekend.
With a job, you expect a break. Pick something you like, good outside and get some air.
Practice in this time, Jon recommends you at least run through the presentation nearly 40 times. I know I was shocked.

2/ Don’t blag it, it’ll not cut.

They have seen and heard everything. There is no short cut.

What else can you do….

3/ APC Revision Pack what is it …

A fantastic resource for anyone nearing the end of their APC or need to better understand the APC Final Assessment process.

This pack contains:

  • Rules of Conduct Explained

  • Professional Ethics Explained

  • Plus a BONUS copy of the APC Final Assessment Explained



4/ Presentation Creation Pack

 Quality Resources for preparing your APC Final Assessment Presentation


Ace your APC because second best is just not good enough!


We have created for you a top class product to help fully prepare for the APC Final Assessment 10 minute presentation

5/ BOOK your Mock Interview early…

This will tell your weakness and give you time to brush. These are given by licenced assessors. THIS IS A MUST …

These sell out in days of opening. Register for the waiting list.

6/ Download a copy of our Timeline.

It will tell you what you should be doing now. What you should be doing now on your APC 

6/ READ APC Eye …
What’s is June and where to get your copy?

  • IPMS – Update

  • APC101 – WhatsApp

  • TaylorMade – Revision Guide

  • TaylorMade – Revision Guide (pt2)

  • Mind the Gap – Reg of Firms

    and much more

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