Jon Lever’s FRICS advice for starting your RICS APC journey the right way …

Jon Lever’s advice for starting  your RICS APC the right way …

Understand the APC Process
Get the RICS APC Guides from Make sure that you have read and fully understand them as about a quarter of the candidates I have assessed have in part been referred because they don’t properly understand the APC process.  You should be reading them at least once every 3 to 4 months.  Candidates from outside the UK also need to check the differences in the APC for their world region, see theRICS web site for details.
Get a relevant job
You can only start your APC if you are employed in a relevant surveying role, gaining the experience expected for the pathway you intend to follow.  It is also beneficial if your employer is committed and willing to provide you with a Structured Training Plan.  RICS Training Advisors(RTA) can assist and advise employers regarding any aspect of the APC process.  Find your RTA at
Get a supervisor and counsellor
Depending on your APC route, you will need a supervisor and/or a counsellor to mentor you through the APC process. Whilst it is vitally important for you to take responsibility for your APC and career, a supervisor and/or counsellor should advise, guide and support you. Make sure they have the relevant, up to date APC Guides and that they are aware of their role and responsibilities. They should be supporting you with guiding you towards the correct experience, monitoring your progress and signing off your competency achievement.
Understand the competencies
At the final assessment you will need to demonstrate to the assessors that your full and detailed understanding (Level1) of each declared competency has enabled you to seek out and gain experience (Level 2) and the opportunity to advise (Level 3). The APC Guides provide explanation of the competency requirements / options for each pathway. Your supervisor and counsellor should help you interpret each competency and discuss the experience available to help you achieve your competency goals. If you have questions about the specific competencies that you and/or your supervisor and counsellor are unsure about then you could contact and discuss your queries with an RICS APC Mentor from your pathway.