What to do and how to get started on your RICS APC 11 Top Tips

Top Tips for starting  APC

1 Become a member of RICS

Before you are eligible to start your APC, you can sign
up for free Student Membership of RICS and receive a
membership number which gives you instant access to
the RICS website which contains a wealth of knowledge
and other membership services. When you start the APC
your status will change to ‘Trainee Surveyor’.

2 Understand the APC process

Get the RICS APC Guides from http://www.rics.org. Make
sure that you have read and fully understand them as
about a quarter of the candidates I have assessed have in
part been referred because they don’t properly understand
the APC process. You should be reading them at least
once every 3 to 4 months. Candidates from outside the UK
also need to check the differences in the APC for their
world region, see the RICS web site for details.

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You work all day, your RICS APC has to be managed into the evenings, early mornings or the weekend. So who is around to answer or guide you ??? 

We like to bring innovation to help candidates to pass their RICS APC Final Assessment. The importance is that you do have some support to juggle this important life changing and financial / Status Chapter in Life.

DeLever was founded 15 years ago by Jon Lever FRICS. He is known as the only Assessor of the Assessors in the UK (The ones you’ll sit in front of)  Governing Councillor of the Jon lever FRICSRICS and all round good guy.
The policy is to future the process, and so far our average pass rate is over 80% of candidates that take our coaching.
So what’s new ???

APC Diary, DeLever over ten years ago produced an Excel APC Diary, two years ago we APC_Diary_you_tube_coverintroduced ‘My APC Diary’ which saves over 65% of logging plus you can voice record to
text on a smartphone, Instantly!
Click here and get a FREE Months trial if you don’t like it, export to excel.

So I hear you say RICS ARC, if you are using then you’ll know the problems, there isn’t any real guidance.
DeLever Masterclass on Preparing your APC Submission Documents for uploading to ARC.
Click here to find out more.


Join the APC 101 WhatsApp group. We have 4 Assessors, 2 Admin and Jon Lever plus over 200 other candidates that will help.
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What’s on in March at DeLever ????

Well its MOCK Season for a start plus many other ..

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