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This weeks – Special Addition

 “What is the APC Lifeline ??”
Next date is the 7th September.

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From the DeLever APC Lifeline Last week

We asked our Clients why they came to DeLever?  And they said:
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APC Info Sheet – UPDATED – Feb 2013 V6

I have collated a range of APC information into a handy Info Sheet that I use in my travels as an RICS Training Advisor and with my other DeLever seminars and Masterclasses.


Just the other day I realised that it might be useful for anyone to get access to it, so you can now download it here:

Feb 2013 V 6 Updates:
1. PER dates updated
2. Professional Development & CPD info Updated
3. Reiterated importance of checking back with the RICS web site for latest changes as users of this document are not registering in the disclaimer that this is MY document not the RICS’s!!!  On occasion RICS update things that take a while to filter through.  So, it is better to email me back (um, email address is on the top of the document!) and let me know MY document is different (maybe out of date) rather than asking the RICS why theirs is not correct! RICS web site ALWAYS takes precidence over ANY other document or web site so if it does NOT MATCH, the RICS are ALWAYS right.  Simple. (Rant over).

I hope you find it of use.

Note: This document is updated periodically so check back from time to time to make sure you have the latest version.  I will post updates here so why not follow this blog so you can get the latest updates?

Disclaimer:  This document is produced soley by DeLever Limited (Jon Lever FRICS) and is their interpretation of the RICS APC Guides and online information.  Any, content or suggestions are soley the interpretation of DeLever Limited (Jon Lever FRICS) and are not endorsed by any other party.  Candidates use this resource at their own risk and DeLever (Jon Lever FRICS) takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that have been made in its production.