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Graduate Chartered Surveyor at Residential Surveyors in Scotland
I am on the residential survey and valuation pathway. I hit my core comps on a daily basis, as well as 2 other ones from the optional comps list. However, I do not get enough experience for the 3rd comp and plus comp to level 2. Any ideas?? Since it is to level 2 only, can i carry out desk based research without any practical experience? Also, is it possible to utilise my previous experience in other roles and apply this to the comps?




I would advise caution.

The APC Assessors are trained to seek out ‘Real-Life’ experience for all Level 2 and 3 competencies. Knowledge development (Level 1) alone will not be enough for you to achieve Level 2 or higher competencies.

You have not mentioned your APC Route? This may have further implications / advice on the previous experience bit???

A few thoughts of how you can progress this and focus on your APC training:

1. Review your OPTIONAL competencies? Maybe select others that are better suited.

++IMPORTANT++ Are you aware that RICS have now combined Residential Survey, Residential Property and Housing Management Pathways intone ‘Residential’ pathway??? This may give you much more option. However, I would suggest you discuss any pathway change (however slight) with your supervisor, counsellor and Membership Operations.

2. Seek secondment opportunities? This is not always easy and should be discussed with your employer

3. Seek work shadowing opportunities? This again is something to discuss with your employer, however, I don’t think this is as good as secondment.

4. Mock experience? This needs to be considered VERY CAREFULLY. For example if your employer manages properties that you can gain access to and you produce a piece of work in parallel to a colleague in your office who is doing it for real and then you compare and contrast your example and learn from the experience. Maybe your counsellor could play the role of the client and provide you with heads of terms etc… Also I would expect you to do your version in your own time as you still have the day job to do.
This is a part way towards Level 2 but personally I feel it is not completely sufficient.

5. Scary Option! Get a new Job that does cover the competencies. This, in the current market, is not really good advice, BUT it is an option. However, careful consideration because you don’t want to go from one job to another that doesn’t provide the full breadth of competencies.

6. Take your time! Remember the APC is about competence not time served! Therefore you can spend more time gaining broader experience and not focussing on the minimum timescales to get to the Final Assessment. Trust me..! You ONLY want top sit this assessment ONCE!

I hope this helps

Kind regards

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Hi All

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