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12 Nov 14 – APC Process Explained (clarifies the APC)

A step by step walk through the key elements of the APC process, including group discussion regarding individual attendees’ competency selection and experience plans. Starts 12.00 noon GMT, APC Process, covers all pathways

Only £20+VAT

Book your place at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/masterclasses-special/

10 Dec 14 – How to Approach Referral

Are you ready ?

Don’t be worried, Let DeLever help !

Discusses the key elements of referral, focussing on reasons for referral with specific explanation of how to approach the referral process. Particular tips on completing the deficiency reports and also assisting candidates in identifying areas for improvement. Starts 12 noon GMT, APC Process, covers all pathways

Only £20+VAT
Book your place at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/masterclasses-special/


LIVE – DeLever APC Forum ONLINE No.25 Project Management – 14 Nov 2014 12.30-14.00
With Tim Jones FRICS

LIVE – DeLever APC Forum ONLINE No.26 Process – 28 Nov 2014 17.30-19.00
With Jon Lever FRICS

Find out more and book your place at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/apc-forum/


Book your Seminar now

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Competency and Process revision workshop an intensive 1 day course
Early Bird Rate £195+VAT
To find out more, view a video on the lifeline and book your place visit:
11 Jan 2015 Leeds
25 Jan 2015 Birmingham
01 Feb 2015 London


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DeLever Now and Next Event – Mocks and Masterclass update !

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DeLever Now and Next Events


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Are you looking to do your APC through the PER – Professional Experience Route?

PERFor those of you undertaking the APC PER Final Assessment this Autumn you will be in the throws of completing the Preliminary Assessment Documentation if not already submitting it for review. Don’t forget the cut off dates for the next stage, application for your final assessment,  will be upon us in July and August and then final documentation submission in August and September.  You can find all of the dates on the RICS web site.  

It is important to remind anyone doing or seeking to do the APC PER it is not an easier route to Final Assessment, if anything, in my view, it actually is a little bit harder due to the restriction on word count etc., if you don’t approach the task properly.  

The documentation and final assessment is all about the real-life examples at Level 2 and 3 and that full appreciation of the knowledge base requirements noted in the Pathway guides to tick the box for Level 1 knowledge…

More often than not APC PER Candidates get referred due to a lack of understanding and awareness of what they are walking into and most report that the collation of the documentation and final assessment is not what they expected and required twice (if not more) the effort than anything they have done before!  It will take 4 to 6 months to get this right and be ready for the final assessment

So, I have a solution that I believe will drastically raise your opportunity to pass your APC at the final assessment.  It is a pretty simple solution too…

All you have to do is consider the support you need and then come along and take a look at the DeLever APC PER Training course I have devised for you.  The course provides you with six bite size events, starting on the 31st July 2014 with three events that get you ready for the preliminary assessment in October / November 2014 and thereafter another three events taking you through to submission and the final assessment preparation in Spring 2015.

The course is run my Jon Lever FRICS and a number of DeLever APC Coaches who will be from your Pathway and assess PER.

In recent Months DeLever have achieved an 89% pass rate for candidates being mentored and mock interviewed by DeLever in readiness for their final assessment.  And it is worthy of note that the mentoring is not a continuous flood of support but moreover a few hours here and there…

So, take a look at the course at http://www.delever.com/pertraining

Come back to me if you have any queries and I look forward to seeing you there and letting me help you to achieve your Chartered Surveyor goal.

DeLever APC PER Training CourseDeLever are very happy to announce our latest offering specifically for Professional Experience Route Candidates.  Feedback from PER candidates suggests they are finding this route is a lot more demanding than they thought it would be. DeLever are here to support and guide you through the process.  With our expertise and regular monthly training, you’ll have all the support you need.

DeLever APC PER Training Course

Booking you place now!

To book all 6 events and receive the discount, please contact Elizabeth at our office +44(0)1234 780142

Professional Experience Route (PER)

PERJon Lever FRICS will be providing regular commentary for PER candidates and offering a common sense approach to this Membership Route.

I am a complete advocate for PER and in effect ANY of the current route into RICS Membership, but they all come with the need to prepare effectively and realise that they are not easy to achieve.

Unfortunately the PER route seems to be viewed as a quicker, simpler route into membership and I am sorry to burst that bubble and say it is not.


P is for PREPARATION and realising any attempt at the APC should be preceded with at least 4 to 6 months worth of preparation.  Do less than this and all you are doing, in my view, is preparing to fail.

E is for EXPERIENCE and it is not just about having years of experience but about identifying the relevant and effective experience that reflect the APC Pathway Competency requirements and shows you off in the best light.

R is for REALITY CHECK.  It is so important to realise that the APC is not the same as every day work so how hard can it be!  More often than not the referred candidates I talk to say that they did not realise just home much work or preparation was required.  So remember the reality is about relevant experience but also about up-to-date knowledge and understanding.

The assessors are expecting to meet candidates who are competent, experienced and a SAFE PAIR OF HANDS however experienced you are.

DeLever are holding a Masterclass specifically for PER candidates on the 17th March 2014.  Book your place now! http://www.delever.com/html/apc_masterclasses.html