Do you want to EXCEL in your final APC interview?

be very good: to be outstanding 
do well or better: to do better than all others, than a given standard,
or than previous personal achievement

Are you feeling confident about your interview? Do you know what to expect and how you will be received? Take a mock interview which will be as close to the real thing as we can make it. It’s a 60 minute interview with two APC assessors. The interview questioning will be based on your personal submission documents, just like the real APC final assessment.

The mock interview is followed immediately by a 15 minute feedback critique from the assessors based upon your performance.*

Both the mock interview and the feedback session are recorded and you will be given online access to this recording a few days after the mock interview.

Confidence is key, so book your place now!

*Please note the assessors provide their comments on the basis of your performance on the day. However, this does not guarantee that the identical assessment will be made at the real final assessment as this is dependent upon your performance on the day.

Should I submit my documents before or after my APC mock interview?

I sit my mock in just under 2 weeks, 1 week before the final submission date.  Should I hold on to my submission documents until after the mock, in case of any feedback about the style of completing my templates, or should I simply send them in, given I have a week available after the mock?

I would 100% suggest sending your final assessment submission documents to RICS AFTER you have done your mock interview. Mock interviews, in my experience, often highlight mistakes in documentation. Sending your documents to RICS in the last week of the two week submission period is fine.

Once you have submitted your documents to RICS you CANNOT get them back to make any amendments, unless you have heard otherwise! Which I doubt!

Interested in a mock interview, exactly like the RICS Final Assessment?
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