APC Final Assessment Advice from Jon Lever FRICS

Jon Lever’s advice:
The Final Assessment

  It is a good idea to treat your panel as if you were attending a progress meeting with a client, be on your best professional behaviour, have your client’s interest foremost in your mind and be able to explain and discuss yourself professionally and succinctly.

At the APC Final Assessment a candidate must convince a panel of professional Chartered Surveyors that they are a ‘Safe Pair of Hands’ and should they achieve their Chartered Status and set up their own practice they know their business and they understand how they are expected to conduct themselves and not bring themselves, the institution and all other Chartered Surveyors into disrepute.

Assessors do not expect candidates to be experts in every competency they declare, but they do expect candidates to have made the effort to have fully understood and taken steps to experience the depth and breadth of their declared competencies
The APC Final Assessment is not easy, it is not meant to be, it is a professional interview where a successful candidate demonstrates to other Chartered Surveyors that they are competent and can be trusted to be professional. Continue reading

Should I submit my documents before or after my APC mock interview?

I sit my mock in just under 2 weeks, 1 week before the final submission date.  Should I hold on to my submission documents until after the mock, in case of any feedback about the style of completing my templates, or should I simply send them in, given I have a week available after the mock?

I would 100% suggest sending your final assessment submission documents to RICS AFTER you have done your mock interview. Mock interviews, in my experience, often highlight mistakes in documentation. Sending your documents to RICS in the last week of the two week submission period is fine.

Once you have submitted your documents to RICS you CANNOT get them back to make any amendments, unless you have heard otherwise! Which I doubt!

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