APC Final Assessment: What is the 80:20 Split in the assessment?


I have my final assessment in July (date TBC).  We have been told that the content of the final assessment interview for PER is to be 80% based upon the content of our submissions, my question is, ahead of the workshop, can anybody give me any pointers on what to revise for the other 20%?


PLEASE NOTE:  APC PER, Grad 1, 2, 3 & Adaptation 1 ALL have the similar percentage breakdown.

The 80:20 split is often quoted…  To tell the truth often the break between the two is not really that noticeable….

But, to give you some general guidance….

80% is on your declared competencies that you have clearly noted in your submission.  INCLUDING Mandatory Competencies and not forgetting the up to date knowledge (Level 1) and the REAL LIFE experience examples (Levels 2 & 3).

20% is on more general items such as Rules of Conduct, Ethics, Current Affairs, Latest BUZZ in the industry, awareness of the Institution, Your personal opinion on industry issues and trends (relevant to your pathway) etc.  A lot of this can be picked up from RICS Modus, Industry Journals and your professional Group pages on the RICS web site.

And that is about it… Hope this helps.

Kind regards

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