APC Final Assessment Presentation Content?

Hi, am I right in thinking that I can focus on only one of my key issue in my presentation to give a detailed presentation on this area?  Or should I be less detailed in my presentation and base the presentation on my complete critical analysis document?

The APC Candidate Guide clearly states:  “You will give a 10-minute presentation to the assessors on the purpose, investigations and conclusions of your critical analysis.”

Therefore it is a very simple exercise of presenting exactly your Critical Analysis.  It is also VERY important to remember that the assessors expect to see GOOD (No…! PERFECT) presentation skills.

This basically means that you can present the WHOLE or PART of  your Critical Analysis. But, please ensure you stay on topic because straying from what you have recorded in your written documentation will not bode well.

Remember you ONLY have 10 minutes, so to cram your whole Critical Analysis into this time may not work best for you and may be too much information for your audience.  Maybe, discussing one of your Key Issues in its entirety may be a better and more timely option for you (assuming you have written more than one Key Issue of course!).

There is NO NEED to bring anything new to the presentation because when we present we naturally embellish the written word and in effect the assessors are equally interested in observing a good presentation, well structured and delivered (interestingly not many candidates get this bit right!).  Don’t forget you are on test for your presentation skill and ability.  The Critical Analysis and report content should flow naturally.

So, the answer is… YOU CHOOSE… but whatever you do make sure you deliver on the day and to the specified time limit.

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