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 APC Templates Online Webinar with Jon Lever FRICS – £25+vat 

If you are struggling with the new RICS templates, Jon has produced a webinar to help.  Understand the changes and learn how to complete the templates correctly, saving you from online-marketing-trainingmistakes and providing you with confidence as you complete them throughout your APC.

This valuable online training webinar is accessed through DeLever’s online portal mydelever and can be purchased from our website at only £25+vat.

Order now at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/masterclass-recording/







Jon Lever FRICS is also a RICS Training Advisor for the East and East Midlandsfree

FREE RICS Training Advisor Surgery East and East Midlands  –
Thu 30/04/2015 9am Oakham
A chance to ask all your APC questions to Jon Lever FRICS for FREE

Book your place at: http://www.delever.com/rta


Vote for Jon Lever FRICS in the Governing Council 2014/15 Elections

Hi there and thank you for reading this post.

I have put myself forward for Governing Council elections for the WHOLE MEMBERSHIP constituency.  I would value your vote (if you are eligible to vote of course).

Please see my YouTube introductory video below

VOTE FOR ME HERE:  (link coming soon when RICS have published it on 13.04.15)

Here is the link to the RICS Governing Council web page if you want to know more



Here is my FULL manifesto:

I am standing for election to Governing Council as I believe my experience in surveying and my involvement with RICS over the years will enable me to contribute effectively to the future direction of RICS.

I have been involved in construction for over thirty years, I became a Chartered Surveyor in 1995 and have been a fellow of RICS since 2005. In 2001 I left a major Quantity Surveying practice to set up my own training consultancy, delivering training and support to surveyors around the world.

I am heavily involved with RICS and see Governing Council as the logical next step for me to continue to help RICS and its members.

Over the years I have worked closely with RICS Membership Operations and Membership Development helping to develop and advance the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC).

I have been an APC Assessor and Chairman for over 18 years and I am now also the RICS UK Licenced Assessor Trainer. Since 2006 I have trained over 5,000 people to become new APC Assessors or Chairmen. This allows me to be part of the future direction of RICS, contributing towards retaining high standards of membership.

Since 2002 I have been the RICS Training Advisor for the East of England and East Midlands regions of the UK. Through this role I meet many members, APC candidates and employers who keep me up to date with how they feel about issues affecting them and RICS. Through this interaction I have the opportunity to feed into Governing Council the views and challenges of the members at a grass root level. Whilst I have utmost respect for the RICS brand and values, I feel passionate about contributing toward ensuring a democratic representation of the membership throughout the development of RICS for the foreseeable future.

From 2007 to 2011 I was involved in RICS regulation as a member of the RICS Regulatory Board and then the Ethics Sub-Committee from 2011 until its end in 2014. As part of these committees I was required to provide a balanced response on behalf of the membership as I jointly reviewed regulatory and ethical requirements of RICS and considered more recent strategies involving diversity and inclusion. I continue to deliver talks on RICS Rules of Conduct and Business Ethics at RICS matrics events and conferences, promoting the values and goals of RICS.

I believe that through my involvement in these various roles over the years I have a good understanding of how RICS is structured and managed and I have a really good understanding of the needs and issues facing its members. I think this knowledge and experience will be of benefit to Governing Council and I hope that I am given the opportunity to continue to help RICS and its members as part of the Governing Council.

I sincerely hope that the above has given enough insight to allow you to vote for me in the ‘whole
membership’ constituency for Governing council.

Kind regards

Jon Lever FRICS


**APC Candidate support** – SEMINARS, Mock Interviews and Prep Packs

DeLever Home of APC Training

DeLever Home of APC Training

Seminars:  DeLever APC Seminars cover every aspect of the APC Process,                      

whatever stage you are at we have a seminar to help you.


APC Final Assessment Seminar

If you want to Understand fully each part of the Final



Assessment and what the assessors are looking for and understand how best to prepare in the time leading up to the Final Assessment, then this course is perfect for you.

Places now available – find out more at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/apc-seminars/

Rules of Conduct and Business Ethics Seminar:
Need to understand fully the key components of the RICS ethicsRules of Conduct and Business Ethics?          Then this seminar is just right for you.
Places now available – find out more at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/apc-seminars/

APC Final Assessment Seminar –  15th April 2015 Lincoln 

APC Rules of Conduct and Business Ethics –  15th April 2015 Lincoln 


Mock Interviews:
DeLever Mock Interviews – essential for candidates sitting this session.

Last few places available.book-now
Book your place here

DeLever Mock Interviews
Last few places available;
12 April East Midlands (QS, BS, BINF, FM, PM)
12 April London (CP, BS, BINF, FM, PM, MC, P&D)
19 April Leeds (QS, BS)

Book your place: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/mock-interviews/

Preparation Packs
Save a huge 30% on Masterclass recordings with our fantastic Final Assessment Preparation Packs. Sale ends 31st March 2015!!

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Or call 01234 780142 to get yours.

APC Lifeline – Help with your submission documents and competencies

APC LifelineHelp with your submission documents and competencies

Only 10 places left

Only 10 places left


There are only ten spaces left on the London Lifeline (01 February).
Don’t be disappointed, book your place today!.

Take a look at our video giving you a brief look at what to expect.


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  • Get immediate access to FREE APC resources (more coming soon)
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    Mock prize

FREE APC RTA help – DeLever is always here to help you.

Free Online RTA Surgery 28 Nov 11am

Book your place on the RTA now

Book your place on the RTA now

Your opportunity to ask Jon Lever FRICS any questions you have about the APC, Suitable for all pathways and routes.

Book your place for free at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/rta-support/

Whats coming up to help you pass the APC first time !

Masterclasses:DeLever Now & Next Events2

12 Nov 14 – APC Process Explained (clarifies the APC)

A step by step walk through the key elements of the APC process, including group discussion regarding individual attendees’ competency selection and experience plans. Starts 12.00 noon GMT, APC Process, covers all pathways

Only £20+VAT

Book your place at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/masterclasses-special/

10 Dec 14 – How to Approach Referral

Are you ready ?

Don’t be worried, Let DeLever help !

Discusses the key elements of referral, focussing on reasons for referral with specific explanation of how to approach the referral process. Particular tips on completing the deficiency reports and also assisting candidates in identifying areas for improvement. Starts 12 noon GMT, APC Process, covers all pathways

Only £20+VAT
Book your place at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/masterclasses-special/


LIVE – DeLever APC Forum ONLINE No.25 Project Management – 14 Nov 2014 12.30-14.00
With Tim Jones FRICS

LIVE – DeLever APC Forum ONLINE No.26 Process – 28 Nov 2014 17.30-19.00
With Jon Lever FRICS

Find out more and book your place at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/apc-forum/


Book your Seminar now

Life too short  so book now !

Competency and Process revision workshop an intensive 1 day course
Early Bird Rate £195+VAT
To find out more, view a video on the lifeline and book your place visit:
11 Jan 2015 Leeds
25 Jan 2015 Birmingham
01 Feb 2015 London


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Professional Development – This template is worrying me…!

qow2Firstly, take a deep breath…

As a general rule of thumb I would suggest you gently exceed the minimum requirement so a Grad 1 or 2 (48 hrs per year minimum) may record in the region of 65 to 75 hours a year and a Grad 3, Adapt 1, PER (20 hrs in the last 12 months) I would suggest 30 to 35 hours.

This shows keenness and willingness to exceed the minimum and this can only be seen in a good light to the assessors.  It also demonstrates a candidates understanding and willingness to continue developing their CPD going forward with the rest of their Chartered career.  Which can only be a good thing.

Flip side I have received documentation in the past with 630 hours in a single year which was where the candidate lumped in a load of education which in my view was vastly exaggerated and way over the top.  So in the light of that I was dubious about the candidate and why he thought the need to overcook this requirement quite so spectacularly…

Then there is the issue of remembering it all…!  Why not record a little more but record the quality and diversity of learning, the interesting ones that you can enthuse over and discuss at length.  Make sure your selection of learning covers elements within your declared competencies so you can record and demonstrate learning specifically in the level 1 competency descriptions in Template 6.

And lastly we don’t have much time in the interview so we will generally just dip into a couple of learning entries and verify with you that you have been there, done it and established some useful learning outcomes… Literally a couple of minutes discussion and then we will be moving on to other declared competency areas.

So, I think my overarching comment is don’t over do (or over think) template 4, professionalism, diversity of learning topics and learning types, currency of learning and don’t forget to shoehorn in some of the all important Rules of Conduct and Ethics (a lot of candidates seem not to do this).

Oh yes, and please please ready your client’s brief (candidate guide) and follow the requirements to the letter.

I hope this helps

Kind regards

FREE Next APC Process Forum – 26 June 2014

APC Process Forums: FREE Next Process Forum –  26 June 2014square

Our popular online forums provide you with the perfect opportunity to access Jon Lever’s FRICS vast knowledge of the APC Process, from the comfort of your desk or sofa! Check out the most recent dates and sign up on our website now.

Coming soon!!! Following the success of the extremely popular Valuation & Commercial Property Forum we will be launching a range of competency based free forums in the next few weeks, keep an eye on our website so you don’t miss out!

We will be publishing our new forum dates very soon here: http://www.delever.com/apcforum

Kind regards

Jon Lever