Getting ready for your RICS APC Final Assessment session 2? Need help ?

Its a tough process and gruelling for some people with jobs that demanding time.
Good news, according to the Oyster Partnership recruitment company, Charter Surveyors are in high demand and can not see a drop off.

With weeks to go and not years or months, we must focus on the reason your here at this post.
I’m going to give you some advices, pinched it from Jon Lever FRICS and Assessor of the actual assessors.
Take the week off or ask for study leave. Seriously this is a milestone in life.
Treat the final weeks as a job, work 7-8 hrs a day and 5 hrs at a weekend. With a job you expect a break. Pick something you like, good outside and get some air.
Practise in this time, Jon recommends at least nearly 40 times run through of the presentation. I know I was shocked.
Don’t blag it, it’ll not cut. They have seen and heard everything. There is no short cut.

What else can you do to get help ?

You can get a revision pack from Delever
USB resource with how to do…. NO Brainer. You also get an Jon Lever approved A4 presenter flip chart. Personally I’d upgrade and get the A3.
More about the presentation pack

Mock Interview

This will tell your weakness and give you time to brush. These are given by licenced assessors.

Take a look at what dates are available

Drop me a line




Are you an author? by Jon Lever

As a regular writer of articles, hot topics, tips and ideas about the whole CPD and APC world I often wonder about the years of experience it has taken to make writing abouQuestions you can askt

these subjects relevant, any actually quite easy. Along with those years of experience comes the issue of how do you protect your intellectual property or the copyright of your written words…

It lends itself to interesting debate and I can often see myself getting a little hot under the collar when other plagiarise or assume something written by me is just open cheatingsource without often the courteous pause to check what they are doing is ethically correct.

Agreeably a lot of what I do produce I give away for free for the advantage of others but that always comes with the associated kickback of recognition for the author which is what it is often all about, developing a relationship and reputation with your readership.  In todays world, with the social media frenzy, it is so much easier to reach millions of readers..

Which is why the article on page 47 in the March edition of RICS Modus caught my eye as it was an interesting perspective on ‘copyright’ and worth a read.modus 2015

If you’re having trouble finding it on RICS Website drop a email to and he’ll forward it electronically to you.