I am really struggling to make sense of the APC excel spreadsheet for my submission.

I am confident with almost everything I have done to date with my APC (Grad Route 2 for Resi Prop Practice) apart from the most important bit!

Does any one have any tips or help – deadlines are approaching!

Is there anywhere I can have someone sit with me for an hour and go through it with me – I don’t need spoon feeding, just a bit of guidance.

Hi there.  My company (http://www.DeLever.com) offers one to one coaching if you want someone to one support.  See: http://www.delever.com/coaching

Alternatively you can either come to my free online APC Forums and ask any APC questions:  Register here: http://www.delever.com/apcforumonline  Next one will be organised very soon.

Or pop into any of my RICS RTA Surgeries:  http://www.delever.com/rta  (Note:  I’m not sure / have not looked up where you are based so these may not work for you)

We also run online Masterclasses here: http://www.delever.com/masterclass  and our process ones will cover templates.  If you cannot make the dates, recordings are available too.

You may also like to watch our myAPC Diary Demo which is a FREE online masterclass demonstrating our APC dairy software that does it all for you because as I explain the software I discuss the template briefly too.  See:  http://www.delever.co.uk/html/apc_masterclasses.html#try  (there are other FREE ones too)

Lastly see this BLOG for other related articles:  https://apceye.wordpress.com/?s=apc+templates&submit=Search

I hope this helps

Kind regards