Remember I SPY? DeLever APC I-SPY

Ever wondered what questions you miQuestion Dice DeLever Harvey Taitght be asked at the RICS APC Final Assessment?

 I am always being asked, by candidates, for a list of Assessment questions?!
BUT there is NO SUCH list, of any use, as assessor questions are focussed on your submission documents!

 From my experience, candidates can be asked anything from around 80 to 100 questions in the interview hour!  

How would you like to get a step ahead in your preparation for your assessment interview?

 DeLever has provided you with this fantastic solution!  RICS APC Harvey Tait

 We are delighted to introduce our APC i-Spy service where our Expert APC Coaches (all active assessors) will review your Final Assessment Submission documents and write you a list of questions they would identify, from their assessing experience, and based upon your actual, real, unique APC submission documentation.

How our DeLever APC i-Spy service works?

  • NOTE: Assessors need at least 2 weeks notice to deliver this service.

If you want your feedback report prior to your APC Final Assessment please act in good time. Shorter timescales may be possible but subject to availability.
Contact to discuss.

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RICS APC final assessment dates, locations & Pathways session 2 2015 – REMINDER

RICS APC final assessment dates, locations & Pathways session 2 2015
Thought this could be a guide you can print to remind you and colleagues.
(see bottom of update)

We have a couple of Mock interviews left :Mock Interviews
Click the pathway for more details.

London 25th October  – 4 places 

Building Control
Building Surveying
Built Infrastructure
Project Management 

Leeds     8th November – 3 places
Building Surveying
Quantity Surveying and Construction

APC Critical Dates for session 2 2015

DeLever Weekly Update and must have Tips for RICS APC Candidates

DeLever Weekly Update and must have Tips for RICS APC Candidates from Jon Lever FRICS &RICS Jon lever FRICSGoverning Council Member.

Over the last few weeks we have talked a lot about the final assessment and how best to prepare.  We have consolidated this into one page at myDeLever to give you the definitive guide on preparing for the final assessment.

Reducing your stress

Hopefully this guide will help you to keep calm, but if you need some extra ideas for dealing with stressed-student-revising-008the stress, here are some excellent tips for stress relief that works.

Extra Help:

Mock Interviews … Spaces are available in October for Building Control, Building Surveying, Built Infrastructure, Project Management and Quantity Surveying and Construction.Mock Interview

Places do fill up quickly, so book soon!

The hour long DeLever mock interview is as close to the real thing as we can make it.  Practise the entire interview and receive fifteen minutes feedback from the two assessors straight away.

Book your place at

Masterclass Recordings

Final Assessment

Covers how best to prepare for the final assessment, a step by step account of the APC interview and key tips for the final assessment.

£25 + VATWatch APC training on your time.

RICS Rules of Conduct 

This masterclass covers the key elements of the RICS Rules of Conduct that a candidate should be aware of and the latest updates to the Rules of Conduct.

£25 + VAT

Professional Ethics 

The masterclass will give an overview of what ethics really means but specifically focus on group discussion around a number of ethical scenarios and how to spot the ethical question in the APC Final Assessment interview.

£25 + VAT


APC Forum – FREE

Jon’s tips for the Final Assessment and how best to prepare.  The Forum will also feature

Ned help ?

Need help ?

an APC process question and answer session and is run by Jon Lever FRICS.

Book your free place at


Sign off – What is sign off?  

APC Diary saves you over 60% admin time. Instantly logging on all mobile platforms.

APC Diary saves you over 60% admin time. Instantly experience logging on all mobile platforms.

Sign-off of your competencies is a new section we have built into the myAPCDiary to develop and enhance engagement between the candidate and their supervisor and counsellor.  From the supervisor and counsellor perspective we have made it simple to monitor and review each candidate you are overseeing and the sign-off is an opportunity to discuss and verify competency and level progress.
How do I electronically get things signed off? How do I sign off manually? 

As you may expect, you will need some evidence to sign-off so we have designed the myAPC Diary to manage the competency achievement through the Summary of Experience and the Sign-Off section.  As soon as you have written up your competency levels in the Summary of i_iPhoneExperience you may send an electronic request to your supervisor and counsellor to either review and confirm electronically or wait until you next meet and manually sign off progress.

The physical activity or requesting or signing off competency achievement is done in the simple to use Sign-Off section.

Tips 3 of 5 from Jon Lever FRICS for organising your time leading up to the final assessment plus FREE help.

Tips for organising your time leading up to the final assessment
Follow our BLOG

3. Prepare for the Final Assessment day
Sitting the final assessment is stressful, understanding what to expect will help.  It is a good idea to visit the assessment centre beforehand and test such things as

Mock Interview

Hour long mock interviews followed by fifteen minutes of feedback and online access to a recording of your mock.
The DeLever mock interview is as close to the real thing as we can make it. Practice the entire interview and receive feedback from the two assessors straight away.

journey time and parking. You cannot be late for the final assessment! Prepare a checklist so that when you get nervous on the day you don’t forget anything. Absolutely anything in your submission documents can be the basis of questioning during your interview, so make sure you put in the preparation time and regularly review your declared competencies and submission documents.

If you missed the last two tip please see below, see below.

  1. Prepare your presentation thoroughly
    Once your Case Study is finished you should focus on developing your 10 minute presentation. I have seen a number of candidates present something different from their Case Study at the final assessment; you will be referred if you do this. If you bring a flipchart or handouts they should look professional. Your notes should be detailed enough to be a useful prompt, but not a script that you read to the assessors. A vital part of your preparation is practise to polish your performance and get your timings right.

2. Practise your presentation
You will be required to deliver your ten minute Case Study presentation at the beginning of the Final Assessment Interview. You will be expected to deliver an excellent and professional presentation, with well-produced verbal communication, top quality visual aids (if you are using any) good eye contact, good body language, clarity of thought and structure, professional and polite delivery and ensuring you can demonstrate top quality skill and awareness of the needs of your audience.  So often candidates don’t do well here so here is your chance to excel and stand out from the crowd.

Jon’s tips for the Final Assessment and how best to prepare. 

Ned help ?

The Forum will also feature an APC process question and answer session and is run by Jon Lever FRICS.

Book your free place at

APC Diary 

Our online myAPCDiary platform will allow a candidate to record all aspects of their APC program. IAPC_Diary_you_tube_covert will also provide all related supervisors and counsellors a means of tracking their assigned candidates, in a simple to use, and centralised location. All live, with the latest information.


Topping up Valuation Level 2 to Achieve RICS VRS



DeLever RICS APC Top Tips from Jon Lever FRICS

Did you know there is an option where you can pass your APC with your Valuation competency declaration at Level 2 and then TOP UP to Valuer Registration (Level 3) at a later date?

I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, so what do I know about Land and Property Valuation and the Red Book..?

Well, the answer is NOT A LOT because it is not within my required pathway or skill set…!  BUT what I do know, in my roles as an RICS Training Advisor and RICS UK Licenced Assessor Trainer, is that I am still observing a substantial referral rate in the Valuation (Level 3) Competency area and I often have discussions with candidates who can adequately achieve Valuation Level 2 but lack the opportunity to gain Level 3 experience within their working environment, yet still want to declare it to Level 3 for their APC Final Assessment!  Stranger still, even in this situation candidates are willing to risk their chance of success by declaring Valuation to Level 3 in the hope that they can just maybe wing it at the Final Assessment!

I think it is worth reinforcing at this point that I am not saying don’t do Valuation to Level 3, but I am saying only do it if you can adequately well achieve the requisite experience, which I hope is common sense.  I have no hidden agenda or views on the pros or cons of VRS and remember I started this blog article with “I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, so what do I know…”.

STOP, PAUSE and CONSIDER the following… APC Assessors are trained by RICS to ensure anyone declaring Valuation Level 3 is correctly tested at Level 3, which means an in-depth discussion around real-life Valuations you have done and advised upon.  If you are successful at Final Assessment and can achieve Valuation Level 3 you will then automatically obtain VRS status. So, with the best will in the world, you CANNOT wing this assessment!

OK, so hopefully I have set the scene for where I want to go with this blog article…

What I do want you to realise is that there are OPTIONS available to you where you can declare Valuation to Level 2 and ACE your APC and if you want to become a Registered Valuer then you can do this as a TOP UP at a later date.  So if Valuation Level 3 is not where you are right now, then don’t try and kid yourself that you will pass the Final Assessment.  Of course there is another consideration here too and that is candidates often look at the APC Final Assessment as a time related right of passage, “I have achieved the minimum training period therefore I MUST BE READY for my Final Assessment…”.  Sadly this is all too often NOT the case and however hard it may seem to make the decision it is better to focus on competency achievement rather than time served.  So if you are declaring Valuation to Level 3 but you have not yet achieved it then defer your final assessment and plan a programme of experience gathering and improve your chance for success.

NOW this is the crux of this blog article, WHAT IS THE VRS TOP UP?  Well that is something I am also finding that a lot of people don’t know about, so I have been on a mission to find the relevant information and give you a link to it.  I am here to raise awareness and offer you the opportunity to review your options and ensure you can make a sensible and informed decision.

And I quote:
“RICS Valuer Registration Scheme and the APC:  Those qualifying for chartered membership after 1 January 2012 are required to meet the Valuation or Valuation of Businesses and Intangible Assets competency to Level 3 at Final Assessment to be eligible for the Registered Valuer title. If you did not achieve either competency to Level 3 after this date, you are required to undertake a further assessment in order to register. There are three key elements to the assessment:”

So here are the links to the key information:



Happy reading and I hope this small observation has been useful… My job is done and I’m off to count some bricks!

Kind regards




Extra help: for your FREE trial.  Watch a video explanation at www.DeLever.TV

Use the DeLever myAPC Diary to easily manage and track your competency achievement

Save over 60% of your time and effort and use the myAPC Diary online as your APC management tool.  Record, automate, update, edit, backup and track your APC competency achievement online and in real-time with the myAPC Diary.

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RICS APC Assessment -Are you going to fail at the last hurdle as you didn’t prepare and your documents were wrong ???

We have put together the best Event program to help you become Chartered with RICS. The final assessment and getting the documents wrong at the last hurdle ??
RICS has changed the APC and Assoc templates
Find out what this means for you, whether you are sitting the Final Assessment this Autumn or are part way through.
Jon Lever held a free online discussion about the new templates this week.  If you missed it you can watch a recording at myDeLever, follow this link … next APC Forum will also focus on the changes:
Online, Wednesday 2nd Sept 15, 12.30pm – 2pm 
Jon Lever will be discussing the changes and implications at the FREE APC Forum.
Book your APC Forum place at:

Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop – Helps you get everything right for submission
An intensive one-day workshop which clearly explains and helps you to understand what the assessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.
From £175 + vat per personMore information and booking:

Final Assessment Submission
The UK submission dates remain the same since the the templates changed at the end of July:
UK Land and Property – Submission deadline is 31st Aug 15
UK Built Environment – Submission deadline is 30th Sept 15Make sure you have collated all of the required submission information; see the check lists available in the RICS template. Remember, Jon will be talking about the template changes at the next APC Forum.

Submission is your first opportunity to impress the Final Assessment panel, so make sure you get it right. Once you send your documentation to the RICS you cannot get it back to correct any mistakes. If your submission documentation is poorly produced then you will have a much harder job at Final Assessment to convince the panel that you are professional enough and ready to be a Chartered Surveyor.

If you are a Built Infrastructure, Building Surveying, Project Management or Quantity Surveying and Construction candidate, don’t forget our Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshops in September which will help you get your documents in shape and helps you to understand what the assessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.

Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop – Helps you get everything right for submission
An intensive one-day workshop which clearly explains and helps you to understand what the assessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.
From £175 + vat per personMore information and booking:

Submission Documents Masterclass
Online, 2nd September 2015, 7pm – 9pm 

Understand how to best complete your documents ready for submission for the final assessment, also discusses common mistakes candidates make. Delegates can send in their submission documents beforehand and some will be picked at random for review during the masterclass.
From £29 + vat per personMore information and booking:

APC Forum
Come along for free advice on the RICS templates and submission.  The Forum will also feature an APC process question and answer session and is run by Jon Lever FRICS.
2nd September 2015  12.30pm – 2pmMore information and booking: