Can I start compling APC information prior to completion of my BSc in buidling surveying?


I am a currently a construction project manager, but have previously been within a building surveyors role for 10 years. I have a HNC and have today been accepted upon the Bsc building surveyor course with CEM. Can I progress with compiling APC information prior to completing my degree or is it only relevant if the information is collated after the degree course is completed?   Thanks in advance.

I assume the BSc will be part time?

And you have no other Degree (even non-construction related)?

And your BSc is RICS accredited?

The general rule is you can enrol on the APC process (Graduate Route 1) in the final year of your part time degree. Therefore you do a year of APC in tandem with your last year of your degree and then one more year, minimum, after you have graduated. Then, as long as you have met the relevant criteria, you can come forward for assessment.

Given your 10+ years experience there are also other options such as Graduate Route 2 (12 months training) or Graduate Route 3 (No training and straight to assessment, but I suggest this will take 6 months prep) BUT each of these need you to have an accredited degree in place.

Professional Experience Route would not be valid as your experience would need to be 5 years post degree (ANY degree).

Senior Professional would depend upon your current professional standing in the company you work in and I am doubtful that would be relevant, but worth checking, just in case.   There you go.

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