RICS has changed the APC and Assoc templates

RICS has changed the APC and Assoc templates
Find out what this means for you, whether you are sitting the Final Assessment this Autumn or are part way through.
Jon Lever held a free online discussion about the new templates this week.  If you missed it you can watch a recording at myDeLever, follow this link … http://www.mydelever.com/forum201505.php

The next APC Forum will also focus on the changes:
Online, Wednesday 2nd Sept 15, 12.30pm – 2pm 
Jon Lever will be discussing the changes and implications at the FREE APC Forum.
Book your APC Forum place at: www.delever.com

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An intensive one-day workshop which clearly explains and helps you to understand what the assessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.
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I am really struggling to make sense of the APC excel spreadsheet for my submission.

I am confident with almost everything I have done to date with my APC (Grad Route 2 for Resi Prop Practice) apart from the most important bit!

Does any one have any tips or help – deadlines are approaching!

Is there anywhere I can have someone sit with me for an hour and go through it with me – I don’t need spoon feeding, just a bit of guidance.

Hi there.  My company (http://www.DeLever.com) offers one to one coaching if you want someone to one support.  See: http://www.delever.com/coaching

Alternatively you can either come to my free online APC Forums and ask any APC questions:  Register here: http://www.delever.com/apcforumonline  Next one will be organised very soon.

Or pop into any of my RICS RTA Surgeries:  http://www.delever.com/rta  (Note:  I’m not sure / have not looked up where you are based so these may not work for you)

We also run online Masterclasses here: http://www.delever.com/masterclass  and our process ones will cover templates.  If you cannot make the dates, recordings are available too.

You may also like to watch our myAPC Diary Demo which is a FREE online masterclass demonstrating our APC dairy software that does it all for you because as I explain the software I discuss the template briefly too.  See:  http://www.delever.co.uk/html/apc_masterclasses.html#try  (there are other FREE ones too)

Lastly see this BLOG for other related articles:  https://apceye.wordpress.com/?s=apc+templates&submit=Search

I hope this helps

Kind regards