RICS Modus reviewed by Jon Lever for APC Candidates

RICS Modus Review   (Link at the bottom to read the latest version.)

Jon has been through this month’s edition of Modus and has identified 19 articles he thinks are of

August 2015 RICS Modus edition.

August 2015 RICS Modus edition.

interest to APC candidates:

Page 7 – CPD Recording Levels – Regulation in action
Page 7 – RICS joins world economic forum advisory panel
Page 8 – Demand for property is continuing to grow
Page 9 – Reports highlight potential of BIM in built environment ( download available )
Page 10 – Consultation on Residential Measurement Standards ( closing soon )
Page 13 – Sustainable investment is central to our Royal Charter
Page 15 – New Regulatory Board Chair
Page 15 – LSH Enterprise competition
Page 16 – Back in stream – hydroelectric project
Page 22 – Ripe for growth – Surveying in the wine industry
Page 30 – From sea to shore – land reclamation
Page 35 – A floor fit for purpose
Page 36 – Beyond all reasonable drought – urbanisation
Page 40 – Private party – Build to rent
Page 42 – Appliance if science – Hong Kong science park
Page 44 – No present like time
Page 46 – Exchange for better – currency exchange
Page 47 – HCFC’s time to clear the air
Page 49 – IBuildMapAR – useful App
Extra help
Final Assessment
Covers how best to prepare for the final assessment, a step by step account of the APC interview and key tips for the final assessment.
7th September 2015, 7.30pm – 9,30pm, £33 + VAT

RICS Rules of Conduct 

This masterclass covers the key elements of the RICS Rules of Conduct that a candidate should be aware of and the latest updates to the Rules of Conduct.
8th September 2015, Online, 7.30pm – 9,30pm, £33 + VAT

Professional Ethics 

The masterclass will give an overview of what ethics really means but specifically focus on group discussion around a number of ethical scenarios and how to spot the ethical question in the APC Final Assessment interview.
9th September 2015, Online, 7.30pm – 9,30pm, £33 + VAT
Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop – Helps you get everything right for submission
An intensive one-day workshop which clearly explains and helps you to understand what the assessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.
19th September 2015, East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm, Quantity Surveying and Construction
20th September 2015, East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm, Built Infrastructure, Building Surveying, Project Management
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myAPCDiary – Saving APC candidates time

The diary section is for recording your day to day experience.  We suggest a sentence or two clearly detailing the type of work you are doing and any key observations you make.  Note, it is important to ONLY record one duration to one competency for every half or whole day entry.  In fact the myAPCDiary will monitor this, keep a watchful eye on you and inform and restrict you from doing anything you shouldn’t.  You will need to write up 12 or 24 (or more) months of diary in this fashion, providing a pretty complete audit trail of your activity and experience.

Why can’t I see all my competencies in the diary section?   In the diary section of the myAPCDiary you will only have access to the Technical Core and Optional competencies to record against as this mirrors exactly the guidance given by RICS.  You do not record time against the Mandatory competencies in the diary and logbook, but you do write up the Mandatory competency levels in the Summary of Experience.

The Summary of Experience section is for summarising the experience you have had and probably recorded in your diary over the preceding months and weeks. However, it is important to write it up in a correct format with full adherence to Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Extra help: myAPCDiary (linking to https://apcdiary.com/)

Kind regards,
Jon Lever

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Very Popular DeLever APC Mock Interviews – Dates released

Which Path are you taking ? click and go to the relevant section
No more putting it off its time, you know why your here, don’t leave it until they are all sold.   This is your future ! 

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