Extra help towards you APC final assessment and Free APC Forum

Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop – Helps you get everything right

An intensive one-day workshop which clearly explains and helps you to understand what the assessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.
19th September 2015, East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm, Quantity Surveying and Construction

20th September 2015, East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm, Built Infrastructure, Building Surveying, Project Management

From £175 + vat per person

Book your place at www.delever.com

Mock Interviews … ALMOST SOLD OUT … one space for Commercial Property, Environment, Facilities Management, Management Consultancy in Leeds on 20th September

The hour long DeLever mock interview is as close to the real thing as we can

Work with Jon Lever FRICS

make it.  Practice the entire interview and receive fifteen minutes feedback from the two assessors straight away.

Book your place at www.delever.com

Masterclass Recordings

Final Assessment

Covers how best to prepare for the final assessment, a step by step account of the APC interview and key tips for the final assessment.

£25 + VAT

RICS Rules of Conduct 

This masterclass covers the key elements of the RICS Rules of Conduct that a candidate should be aware of and the latest updates to the Rules of Conduct.

£25 + VAT

Professional Ethics 

The masterclass will give an overview of what ethics really means but specifically focus on group discussion around a number of ethical scenarios and how to spot the ethical question in the APC Final Assessment interview.

£25 + VAT

Visit www.delever.com

APC Forum – FREE

Jon’s tips for the Final Assessment and how best to prepare.  

Prepared yourself properly for the RICS APC

Prepared yourself properly for the RICS APC

The Forum will also feature an APC process question and answer session and is run by Jon Lever FRICS.

Book your free place at www.delever.com

**APC Candidate support** – SEMINARS, Mock Interviews and Prep Packs

DeLever Home of APC Training

DeLever Home of APC Training

Seminars:  DeLever APC Seminars cover every aspect of the APC Process,                      

whatever stage you are at we have a seminar to help you.


APC Final Assessment Seminar

If you want to Understand fully each part of the Final



Assessment and what the assessors are looking for and understand how best to prepare in the time leading up to the Final Assessment, then this course is perfect for you.

Places now available – find out more at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/apc-seminars/

Rules of Conduct and Business Ethics Seminar:
Need to understand fully the key components of the RICS ethicsRules of Conduct and Business Ethics?          Then this seminar is just right for you.
Places now available – find out more at: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/apc-seminars/

APC Final Assessment Seminar –  15th April 2015 Lincoln 

APC Rules of Conduct and Business Ethics –  15th April 2015 Lincoln 


Mock Interviews:
DeLever Mock Interviews – essential for candidates sitting this session.

Last few places available.book-now
Book your place here

DeLever Mock Interviews
Last few places available;
12 April East Midlands (QS, BS, BINF, FM, PM)
12 April London (CP, BS, BINF, FM, PM, MC, P&D)
19 April Leeds (QS, BS)

Book your place: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/mock-interviews/

Preparation Packs
Save a huge 30% on Masterclass recordings with our fantastic Final Assessment Preparation Packs. Sale ends 31st March 2015!!

Visit: http://www.delever.moonfruit.com/masterclass-prep-packs/

Or call 01234 780142 to get yours.


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Don't risk failing this submission.

Don’t risk failing this submission.


Thank you to our sponsors helping you get Chartered !

Thank you to our sponsors helping you get Chartered !



Free Download – DeLever Support & Resources Flyer

Hello…  You can now download our NEW DeLever APC Support and Resources Flyer.

Find out about all of the things we can do to support you and get you through your APC.

Some bits are FREE and some you have to pay for.  But there are loads of resources to help you along the way.

deleversupportInterestingly we mock interviewed 45 candidates in session 2, 2012 and of the 45 we mentored 11 candidates.  Collectively the 45 candidates achieved a 68% pass rate against the RICS’s fluctuating average of 65%…  Which was OK as we only saw some of them for the one hour mock and had no further input

BUT of those we mentored (at all different stages of their APC) we achieved a 80% PASS rate.  Now that made us VERY HAPPY.  Just think what we could achieve if you came to us right at the beginning of your APC journey..!

So, feel free to download our DeLever Support and Resources Flyer and grab the FREE stuff today.  You’d be mad not to.


I hope you find it of use.

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