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DeLever APC Lifeline – An Intensive one-day APC workshop

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An intensive one-day APC workshop (over 9hrs of CPD) for APC candidates taking their final assessment in the next session, Spring 2014.   (download the flyer)

The APC Lifeline covers the process and competencies to ensure you have everything right first time. It includes a review and discussion of submission documentation to highlight where issues or anomalies may arise and offer suggestions for best practice.

Book your place today, see:     (Limited places)

What you get:

1. Competency review – A whole morning reviewing competencies by a current APC Assessor from your pathway
(A 3 hour walk through the key competencies for your pathway)

2. Document review – Come and show us your documents before you hand them in… Identify and rectify errors and get your documents in good shape for submission!
(From my experience 60% of candidates get their documents wrong.  Jon Lever FRICS)

3. RICS Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics talk by Jon Lever FRICS
(Jon has reviewed and studied the Rules of Conduct for the last 5 years and Sits on the RICS Ethics Sub Committee)

4. Final Assessment Question and Answer session with all of the attending APC Assessors
(Using YOUR documents we’ll ask YOU APC questions in the style of a real APC Assessor)

Where and When:
East Midlands Airport – 23rd February 2014
NOTE:  APC Final Assessment Document Submission for Land and Property 28 Feb 2014 and for Built Environment 31 March 2014

Who will be there:
Jon Lever FRICS and a selection of his hand picked APC Coaches who are all active APC Assessors

Discussion of submission documents, bring yours with you to review before you send them to RICS. Identify and rectify errors and get your documents in good shape for submission as many candidates make mistakes in their
submission documents.

Price, if you book early: £195+vat per person early bird rate (until 2 weeks before the event)

Price, if you book last minute: £285+vat standard rate thereafter.

Includes refreshments, Handouts and Resources and a FREE DeLever Resource CDROM

Book your place today, see:     (Limited Places)

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Question of the Week: Competency Achievement


Graduate Chartered Surveyor at Residential Surveyors in Scotland
I am on the residential survey and valuation pathway. I hit my core comps on a daily basis, as well as 2 other ones from the optional comps list. However, I do not get enough experience for the 3rd comp and plus comp to level 2. Any ideas?? Since it is to level 2 only, can i carry out desk based research without any practical experience? Also, is it possible to utilise my previous experience in other roles and apply this to the comps?




I would advise caution.

The APC Assessors are trained to seek out ‘Real-Life’ experience for all Level 2 and 3 competencies. Knowledge development (Level 1) alone will not be enough for you to achieve Level 2 or higher competencies.

You have not mentioned your APC Route? This may have further implications / advice on the previous experience bit???

A few thoughts of how you can progress this and focus on your APC training:

1. Review your OPTIONAL competencies? Maybe select others that are better suited.

++IMPORTANT++ Are you aware that RICS have now combined Residential Survey, Residential Property and Housing Management Pathways intone ‘Residential’ pathway??? This may give you much more option. However, I would suggest you discuss any pathway change (however slight) with your supervisor, counsellor and Membership Operations.

2. Seek secondment opportunities? This is not always easy and should be discussed with your employer

3. Seek work shadowing opportunities? This again is something to discuss with your employer, however, I don’t think this is as good as secondment.

4. Mock experience? This needs to be considered VERY CAREFULLY. For example if your employer manages properties that you can gain access to and you produce a piece of work in parallel to a colleague in your office who is doing it for real and then you compare and contrast your example and learn from the experience. Maybe your counsellor could play the role of the client and provide you with heads of terms etc… Also I would expect you to do your version in your own time as you still have the day job to do.
This is a part way towards Level 2 but personally I feel it is not completely sufficient.

5. Scary Option! Get a new Job that does cover the competencies. This, in the current market, is not really good advice, BUT it is an option. However, careful consideration because you don’t want to go from one job to another that doesn’t provide the full breadth of competencies.

6. Take your time! Remember the APC is about competence not time served! Therefore you can spend more time gaining broader experience and not focussing on the minimum timescales to get to the Final Assessment. Trust me..! You ONLY want top sit this assessment ONCE!

I hope this helps

Kind regards

I’ve been referred and was looking at template 7 and am unclear as to whether I fill out experiences only for the competencies highlighted in the referral report or refill everything?

Question: I’ve been referred and was looking at template 7 and am unclear as to whether I fill out experiences only for the competencies highlighted in the referral report or refill everything?

qow2Answer: If you have been recently referred (less than 3 years) then the requirement for a Graduate Route Candidate is to submit the following:

Template 1 – Updated to record number of referrals and previous referral report title etc
Template 2 – Updated by selecting the dropdown (top right, in green) noting you are referred (less than 3 years)

Template 3 – Do not amend but will be submitted
Template 4 – Do not amend but will be submitted
Template 5 – Do not amend but will be submitted
Template 6 – Do not amend but will be submitted

Critical Analysis – New or Updated based upon the assessors decision, see the referral report

Referral Report – From last assessment ONLY

Template 7 –  You need to provide detailed information about what you have done, since referral, to mitigate the issues that arose in your referred competencies, as stated in your referral report..

I would also advise you to write up what you have done against each Level to the minimum required Level you are declaring. For example If you were declaring Level 3 and your referral said you only achieved Level 2, I would write up Level 1, 2 and 3 again for that competency demonstrating what you have learnt, achieved and advised upon since referral.

As an aside, there is nothing in the APC guide that deters you from adding more detail, in template 7, about your other competencies, that were deemed OK last time, if you feel more information would be of benefit and relevance for the assessment panel.

Template 8 –  With any referral there is also the issue of Professional Development (CPD for Grad 3’s and above) and I would strongly advise you to focus your Professional Development, as much as possible, on the competencies you were referred on.

I hope this helps

Kind regards


Further help:

Another Referral Blog (includes what you do if Over 3 Years Referred):

APC Quick-Links.  If you cannot find something relevant to the APC, why not try the FREE for easy one-click links to everything APC.  Freely available 24/7.  Any links missing just shout and we’ll get them for you.

RICS Excel Templates – ONLY 5 Years worth of Log Books

Question: “I am trying to complete the RICS log book template. The template only allows me to record 5 years worth of experience but I have more than 5 years. Does this mean I only need to record the past 5 years experience?”

qow2Answer:  Hi there.  The RICS Templates only allow 5 years worth of Diary experience recording to be allocated to competencies in the Log Book (Template 3) because you are only allowed to submit the last 5 years worth of Diary experience for the final assessment and this quota therefore moves with you through time…

So, for example… If you have been recording for 6 years and written up your Diary from day 1, as soon as you complete year 5 and enter into year 6 then year 1 of your Diary experience (allocated in your Log Book Template 3 against your templates) will start to become void and drop away on a month by month basis, as time passes…  This does have the added hassle that you will then need to shuffle all of the data you have written into the diary up a year and this can take some time!

So, taking a step back for a moment and reviewing the RICS’s requirements as a minimum number of days over a minimum period of time, there is nothing stopping you presenting, say, only that last 3 years worth of Diary experience, working backwards from your proposed submission / assessment date, as long as you meet the quotas and also check that there is not any specific competency experience achieved in your earlier years (remember, only going back 5 years from your proposed submission / assessment date) that would be more beneficial to record against specific competencies in your Log Book, in which case you would be committing to write up the full 5 years.

The remaining earlier experience that you may not necessarily record in the Log Book is, however, not lost as this is part of your experience, so, whilst you may not necessarily record it in your templates it is still relevant to the discussions you may have at the final assessment and I see no reason why you cannot draw from all of your experience to aid you in proving your competence to your assessors in your final assessment interview.

I hope this helps

Kind regards


I am really struggling to make sense of the APC excel spreadsheet for my submission.

I am confident with almost everything I have done to date with my APC (Grad Route 2 for Resi Prop Practice) apart from the most important bit!

Does any one have any tips or help – deadlines are approaching!

Is there anywhere I can have someone sit with me for an hour and go through it with me – I don’t need spoon feeding, just a bit of guidance.

Hi there.  My company ( offers one to one coaching if you want someone to one support.  See:

Alternatively you can either come to my free online APC Forums and ask any APC questions:  Register here:  Next one will be organised very soon.

Or pop into any of my RICS RTA Surgeries:  (Note:  I’m not sure / have not looked up where you are based so these may not work for you)

We also run online Masterclasses here:  and our process ones will cover templates.  If you cannot make the dates, recordings are available too.

You may also like to watch our myAPC Diary Demo which is a FREE online masterclass demonstrating our APC dairy software that does it all for you because as I explain the software I discuss the template briefly too.  See:  (there are other FREE ones too)

Lastly see this BLOG for other related articles:

I hope this helps

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APC Final Assessment Presentation: Timing

My final assessment presentation is only 8.5minutes – I’ve practiced a few times – should I make it longer with the risk of over running??

My initial thought is that candidates deliver quicker in the ‘real’ assessment than they do in preparation.  Mainly due to stress!  I would be worried that you will probably finish it in 6 to 7 minutes.

So…  I would see if you could develop some more into it.  Often spending 30 seconds to a minute explaining the project in question and your role (with the aid of photos and plans,if available) is of huge benefit to your assessors and an invaluable way of setting the scene.

Also take a watch with you on the day, to pop on the table in front of you, and time your presentation so you can effectively manage the 10 minutes.

If you are near any of my RTA Surgeries, come and deliver it to me for FREE.  I can give you some direct pointers then…

Also I provide mock interviews: (new dates for session 2, 2013 will be published soon)

Also Also, see my Online Masterclasses on APC Process and Presentation  (there are some free Masterclasses there too)

I hope this helps

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