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About now candidates for the 2017 Session 1 RICS APC are in three categories.

1/ I cant do this !!! I am not ready.

2/ I am ready and confident.

3/ I will get there but I need to do some more, plan is in place.

Whichever one you are, there is always a chance that you will need reassurance.

Referral :

Let’s get “Referral” out of the way. It is not a failure and never beat yourself over it. It is retriable with some guidance.


Jon Lever FRICS and DeLever Ltd have been helping candidates pass for over 15 years at a pass rate of over 85% of those taking our coaching and training.

I asked Jon, “what questions are asked at the Final Assessment?” He is always asked, by candidates, for a list?

‘There is NO SUCH list, of any use, as an assessor questions are focussed on your submission documents! (Look at APC ISPY)From our experience, candidates can be asked anything from around 80 to 100 questions in the interview hour!

The assessors are expected to provide candidates with clear, concise questions relating to their competency knowledge and experience.

You will be asked to explain your understanding, experience, advice and actions and give opinions and explain how you would undertake your business professionally.

Make sure you have plenty of competency experience project examples to discuss with the assessors. Remember, anything you have included in your submission documents could be the basis for a question at the final assessment.

The Rules of Conduct and Ethics are one of the key areas of APC knowledge and experience that, if you get wrong at the final assessment, you will be referred. Check that you have the latest version and discuss the Rules of Conduct and Ethics with your supervisor and counsellor.

Still, unclear let’s give you some help?

How would you like to get a step ahead in your preparation for your assessment interview?


We are delighted to introduce our APC i-Spy service where our Expert APC Coaches (all active assessors) will review your Final Assessment Submission documents and write you a list of questions they would identify, from their assessing experience, and based upon your actual, real, unique APC submission documentation.

More info Click here

What’s next, a MOCK Interview.

This will be harder or as severe as the real APC Final Assesment.

Mocks are a 60 minute APC mock interview with real and current APC assessors, followed immediately by a 15-minute feedback critique.

They are selling out quickly, London, Harrogate or East Midlands.

Don’t wait as you’ll not get the location you want. 

 More information

How about the Presentation format and help for the final assessment. Jon has put together what he would expect to see. Click here


Final Free Stuff, we about helping you.

Join the APC 101 What’s app group. It is about to evolve.

Email harvey@delever.com and tell us where you are in the process, so you go in the right group. IE Route, Pathway and session details. We will add you to the email APC Update for more free tips and help.

It has 3-4 assessors, plus Jon Lever and candidates in the same place you are. Ask your questions instantly. It is a problem fixer if you get stuck.

Final Tip to success read the E-magazine APCEye it is full of free help and tips.



Good Luck, relax, and you will be fine. Get inspired listen to music, shout, clap for a minute. Laughter yoga watch below! I dare you to not smile


DeLever Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop

DeLever Final Assessment and Competency Revision Workshop

Helps you get everything right for submission

Intensive one-day workshop

The workshop clearly explains and helps you to understand what the RICS APC training supportassessors will expect you to do, deliver and know for your final assessment interview.  

Lunch and refreshments are included as well as a bacon butty (or alternative) on arrival

Workshop location

Land and Property pathways covered

Feedback quotes from the latest workshop

28th Feb 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, Land and Property

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£185.00 £0.00 £37.00 Sold Out
28th Feb 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, Land and Property

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£195.00 £0.00 £39.00 Available
12th Mar 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, QS and Construction

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£175.00 £0.00 £35.00 Available
13th Mar 16 – Final Assessment and Comp Revision Workshop, BINF, BS, PM

East Midlands Airport, 8am – 7pm
£175.00 £0.00 £35.00 Available

More info and Book 


Get your APC faster!

Great for keeping  track of progress
First month FREE!

Take control of your APC, record and monitor your experience with the myAPCDiary.
Get your first month free at

Help with entering information into the RICS templates
What is Publish in the Assessments section? How can it help?  
Read on

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FREE RTA Surgeries

Get ALL your APC questions answered in Jon Lever’s RTA Surgeries

1st Feb 2016 – St. Albans – 11:00 to 13:00
2nd Feb 2016 – Cambridge – 11:00 to 13:00
(NOTE: There is a venue change for Cambridge)
2nd Feb 2016 – Norwich – 15:00 to 17:00

Booking links:  www.delever.co.uk/rta

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DeLever APC Final Assessment Revision Workshop

We are running a number of revision workshops atEAST MIDLANDS AIRPORT and there are not many tickets left.   Full details here

28th Feb 2016 – Land and Property (5 tickets left)
12th March 2016 – QS& Construction
13th March 2016 – Building Surveying, Project Management, Built Infra Structure

9 hours FORMAL CPD

Booking links:  www.delever.co.uk/facrw

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FREE myAPC Diary Forum

Interested in the myAPC Diary but not sure what it is all about?

Come to our online myAPC Diary forum with Jon Lever FRICS and find out about the myAPC Diary and ask your APC questions.

11th February 201616:30 to 18:30

Booking links:

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Submission Documents Masterclass ONLINE!
It is that time of year when you need to get your submission documents into RICS….

BUT…  Have you considered asking people to review them for you?
BUT…. Do the people you have asked know the APC process inside out?
HELP…. We can help you at our submission document online Masterclass!
ALWAYS…. We find mistakes and highlight best practice
BENEFIT…. From seeing what others have done…

Book a place and send in your documents.  Jon Lever FRICS (RICS UK Assessor Trainer) will review yours and other attendees documents briefly and offer comment and suggestion for improvement at the Masterclass.

8th February 201619:00 (documents submitted before 4th February to be considered)
24th February 2016 – 19:00 (documents submitted before 19th February to be considered)

Note: These Masterclass are NOT recorded for distribution afterwards

If you would like a full document review then please see: www.delever.co.uk/coaching and contact one of our APC Coaches.

Booking links:

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FREE APC Articles

Jon Lever FRICS, Kate Taylor FRICS and John Baker FRICS write process and competency based APC articles for Estates Gazette every two weeks.

Click here to see the articles: 
• Part 6: A taxing subject
• Part 5: Weighing up landlord & tenant
• Part 4: Ditch the competence snobbery
• Part 3: Avoiding the valuation pitfalls
• Part 2: Measuring masterclass
• Part 1: A safe pair of hands

A few hours FORMAL CPD

Fancy writing an APC article for our Blog?
Why not get in touch and have a chat with Jon about your ideas? jon@delever.com

First month FREE!
Mock Interviews?
A 60 minute APC mock interview
Real and current APC assessors.
As close to the real thing as we can make it.
15 minute feedback critique from the assessors based upon your performance.

Multiple dates through March and April 2016

This is a major part of your APC preparation

Booking links:  www.delever.co.uk/mocks

First month FREE!
FREE DeLever APC Forums!
Great opportunity once a month to chat over any APC questions or issues

Come and talk to Jon Lever FRICS and have your APC questions answered.

5th February 1612:00 to 14:00

Booking Links:www.delever.co.uk/apcforum

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NEW Timeline Wallchart Coming Soon
We are delighted to report that we are updating our timeline wallchart and we hope to provide it FREE of charge as we have done for the last 10+ years.

Get your company logo and advert on a 1000 copies of the timeline every quarter…?

Interested? email:

Timeline stats?

  • First produced in 2004
  • 40,000+ hard copies distributed so far
  • Many more electronic copies downloaded
  • Previous versions: Five
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FREE APC Supervisor and Counsellor CPD!
Want to get to grips with the APC process but are finding it hard to get any decent training that is value for money?

Be part of our 5 FREE, one per month, 1 hour’ish (FORMAL CPD) Supervisor and Counsellor Masterclasses

11th February 201612:00 to 13:00 (approx) – Session 4: The case study explained
15th March 201612:00 to 13:00 (approx) – Session 5: The Final Assessment and Testing Your Candidates

Sessions 1 to 3 available as recordings

Booking Links: 

**FREE **APC Events & Candidate support

RTA’s are RICS events that Jon Lever FRICS delivers.
Our popular APC Forum is an excellent Q&A opportunity

ALL are  FREE !

Click the event to find out more

You really do need to get the free APC Timeline to keep you on track and buy a copy of the golden goose Revision Guide for the commercial property pathway. Follow our blog and connect to Jon Lever FRICS on LinkedIN as we will be publishing a chapter on measurement.

 Click the image. 


Timeline Wallchart Quick Start Revision Guide Commercial Property 03

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  

Call us on 01234 780142

or email Elizabeth@delever.com

PS Get a Free Month’s trial on our smart technology experience logging.



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