How To Keep your APC Moving Forward

Jon Lever’s advice to keep your APC moving

Most candidates start the APC with enthusiasm, but many seem to stall a few months into the process. These tips will help you to keep your APC moving and on track to the final assessment.


The APC is your career so you need to take control and get stuck in. Far too often I hear candidates expecting to be offered everything when it is really much better for the candidate to drive the process forward. You should continuously be seeking opportunities for developing your knowledge, experience and that offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD), more on this soon.

Engage with your supervisor and counsellor

Depending on your APC route, you will need a supervisor and/or a counsellor to mentor you through the APC process. Whilst it is vitally important for you to take responsibility for your APC and career, a supervisor and/or counsellor should advise, guide and support you. Make sure they have the relevant up to date APC Guides and that they are aware of their role and responsibilities. They should be supporting you with guiding you towards the correct experience, monitoring your progress and signing off your competency achievement and, although they shouldn’t spoon feed you, they do need to engage with you and help to keep you motivated, more on this in the next article.

Keep your documentation up to date

As the APC is based on your competency experience it is hard to know whether you are on track if your diary and log book are not up to date. It is a good idea to write up your diary and log book weekly, including a detailed description regarding your experience. We suggest writing a sentence or two for each diary entry, sufficient to remind you about what you were doing. This will help you identify any competency experience where you are deficient. Don’t forget to maintain regular communication with your supervisor and counsellor so you can discuss ways to tailor your experience to fill the gaps. Your diary is an important document and may be requested by your APC assessment panel, so make sure you keep it up to date.

Get involved with the RICS

It is important that you get involved with the RICS for your APC development as well as building up contacts.
Good networking opportunities can be found at RICS events and RICS matrics. Don’t forget, you will be able to record this sort of activity on the most part as CPD. There are also regional meetings and events and look out for the RICS Training Advisor Surgeries that are happening nearby. If you are in the East or East Midlands you will find the RTA Surgeries I run at In addition to these, I also run a free once per month online APC Forum for anyone who wants to know anything about the APC process. Book your place at

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