How to be an effective APC Supervisor or Counsellor and best practice tips to support you and your APC candidates and get them through the APC!

Supervisors and counsellors: how to help

Inspection is a competency where supervisors and counsellors can make a big difference in developing a candidate’s “surveyor sense” and their ability to articulate it.
They should allow candidates at an early stage of training to shadow them on any interesting inspection and discuss what is being done and why. Over time, candidates should be asked to describe their own inspections in order to develop a fluency in response to questions.

JCT2016 Event in Milton Keynes

MK50Club part of the Construction Excellence is hosting their third event this Wednesday 22nd March in Milton Keynes. Networking with local business owners, director and Associate level personnel. This is a professional group so formal dress only.

JCT 2016 Update was the key changes that were made to the Design and Build Contract. In this event, Goodrich Consultants will demonstrate how on daily bases this change has affected them.

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You work all day, your RICS APC has to be managed into the evenings, early mornings or the weekend. So who is around to answer or guide you ??? 

We like to bring innovation to help candidates to pass their RICS APC Final Assessment. The importance is that you do have some support to juggle this important life changing and financial / Status Chapter in Life.

DeLever was founded 15 years ago by Jon Lever FRICS. He is known as the only Assessor of the Assessors in the UK (The ones you’ll sit in front of)  Governing Councillor of the Jon lever FRICSRICS and all round good guy.
The policy is to future the process, and so far our average pass rate is over 80% of candidates that take our coaching.
So what’s new ???

APC Diary, DeLever over ten years ago produced an Excel APC Diary, two years ago we APC_Diary_you_tube_coverintroduced ‘My APC Diary’ which saves over 65% of logging plus you can voice record to
text on a smartphone, Instantly!
Click here and get a FREE Months trial if you don’t like it, export to excel.

So I hear you say RICS ARC, if you are using then you’ll know the problems, there isn’t any real guidance.
DeLever Masterclass on Preparing your APC Submission Documents for uploading to ARC.
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Join the APC 101 WhatsApp group. We have 4 Assessors, 2 Admin and Jon Lever plus over 200 other candidates that will help.
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What’s on in March at DeLever ????

Well its MOCK Season for a start plus many other ..

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Remember I SPY? DeLever APC I-SPY

Ever wondered what questions you miQuestion Dice DeLever Harvey Taitght be asked at the RICS APC Final Assessment?

 I am always being asked, by candidates, for a list of Assessment questions?!
BUT there is NO SUCH list, of any use, as assessor questions are focussed on your submission documents!

 From my experience, candidates can be asked anything from around 80 to 100 questions in the interview hour!  

How would you like to get a step ahead in your preparation for your assessment interview?

 DeLever has provided you with this fantastic solution!  RICS APC Harvey Tait

 We are delighted to introduce our APC i-Spy service where our Expert APC Coaches (all active assessors) will review your Final Assessment Submission documents and write you a list of questions they would identify, from their assessing experience, and based upon your actual, real, unique APC submission documentation.

How our DeLever APC i-Spy service works?

  • NOTE: Assessors need at least 2 weeks notice to deliver this service.

If you want your feedback report prior to your APC Final Assessment please act in good time. Shorter timescales may be possible but subject to availability.
Contact to discuss.

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