This weeks Guest Blog. A Life experience – Graduate to Surveyor

This week’s Guest blog come from  Sean Hughes BSc Hons  Maintenance Officer at The Richmond Fellowship Scotland.

University to working life,

That’s a daunting process: a long hard process applying for jobs and a nerve-wracking time getting knock back after knock back.

With every interview, there seemed to be more competition and with every unsuccessful application, the pressure began to build.  At times, I thought I would never get my first job.

Eventually, I was hired by a residential surveying firm. It lasted a day.  I knew straight away that I had entered the wrong discipline and that to continue would be a mistake.

Yes, it had taken me forever just to get this far, but I knew I had to be honest with myself, and with my employer, who was very supportive of my decision.  After all, another graduate would slide in and take my place.

Finally – finally – I got my first role as a building surveyor; a diverse and ever-changing role that always keeps me on my toes.

One minute you can be researching construction technologies and the next you could be sent to inspect a storm damaged property; however, it’s this diversity that keeps building surveying interesting.  I can speak for myself and say I enjoy the parts in surveying when you’re squeezing through a loft hatch to inspect a leaky roof; that’s what it’s all about.

My university lecturer was a true believer in two types of surveyor: a shirt and tie surveyor and a boiler suit surveyor, and I can truly say I’m a boiler suit surveyor.  It wasn’t until a few months into my new job I actually realised what he meant; a boiler suit surveyor is a surveyor who doesn’t mind getting under floors, in roof spaces and getting himself dirty to find the source of a problem.

That’s me. And finally, I’m happy.

Sean Hughes