‘Dealing with Referral’ on your RICS APC final assessment

Firstly, let’s get the stigma out of the way.  Referral simply means you have not demonstrated to the panel that you are ready for Chartered status.  It does not mean you are useless!

Jon Lever’s tips for  Referred candidates

It does mean that you will need to consider how you plan the next 6-month lead-in to your Final Assessment,
plus there is always an element of personal disappointment and negativity that I always try and enthuse referred candidates to turn into positive thinking and energy and refocus on the new final assessment goal ahead.

Please make sure you carefully consider your referral report which has been produced by the chairman of your referring assessment panel.  Currently, this report will be in your next submission pack so the next assessment panel will be expecting you to have taken on board all of the points it refers to where you were deemed deficient.

Take heart that the pass rate for referred candidates is normally substantially higher than the first time pass rate.

Lastly, please remember not to get caught out by the time scales as whilst the assessment dates are six months apart the actual time between receiving your referral report and having to reapply and resubmit your documentation is substantially less.

DeLever APC Seminars hosted by Edozo
(Commerical Property, Residential and Valuation)

It’s time to focus…
Ready     Steady   Pass

11 July 2016

●    APC Case Study – 9am-12pm
●    Inspection, Measurement & Property Management – 11 July 2016 2pm-5pm
25 July 2016
●    APC Supervisor & Counsellor – 9am-12pm
●    Agency Competencies – Purchase & Sale, Leasing & Letting, Landlord & Tenant – 2pm-5pm
12 September 2016
●    APC Template and Pre-Submission Document Review – 9am-12pm
●    Valuation – Part 1 – Level 1Technical input on comparable method, DRC & Profits – 2pm-5pm
22 September 2016
●    APC Final Assessment & Presentation – 9am-12pm
●    Development Appraisals & Property Records –2pm-5pm
23 September 2016
●    APC Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics –9am-12pm
●    Valuation – Part 2 – Level 1 Technical Input on Investment Method & Red Book – 2pm-5pm

All APC Seminars are held in Nottingham at the Village Hotel (NG9 6DL)

Presented by Jon Lever FRICS and Kate Taylor FRICS

Click to book your place today.  Limited spaces so don’t delay!  edozo event

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