It’s more than just a diary…

It’s more than just a diary…

Accelerate your career by gaining MRICS status in the shortest time.  Take control today!

  • It’s quick and easy to use and saves masses of APC admin time.
  • It tracks your progress so you can address any imbalance in competency experience.
  • Your Supervisor and Counsellor meetings will be more effective and helpful to you.
  • Preparing your APC submission will be much easier.
  • The reports helps you prepare for Supervisor and Counsellor meetings and helps to focus discussion on the areas most useful to
  • Supervisors and Counsellors can monitor, review and sign-off your progress, electronically.
  • Your log book will be created automatically, requiring no extra time.
  • Your recorded CPD (formal and informal) is automatically collated and presented.
  • Store your case study in myAPCDiary so it’s safe, backed up in the cloud and accessible for update by you or review by your Supervisor or Counsellor any time.
  • Preparing the submission for your APC will be easy by clicking for an output to a spreadsheet and a quick copy and paste into the RICS templates current at that time.

Don’t forget the first month is free! Sign up without any payment details and try it! Go to and use the grey free sign up box in the middle of the screen.

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