JON LEVER Tip of the week

Have you got the free stuff ? No ? then go and get it !

First go and get yourself a free APC Timeline to give you critical dates, what you need to do and when  !


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TIP of the Week  

Prepare prepare and prepare !

Once your Case Study is finished you should focus on developing your 10 minute presentation. I have seen a number of candidates present something different from their Case Study at the final assessment; you will be referred if you do this.

Preparing for the Final Assessment

Preparing for the Final Assessment

If you bring a flip chart or handouts they should look professional. Your notes should be detailed enough to be a useful prompt, but not a script that you read to the assessors. A vital part of your preparation is to make sure that you practice to polish your performance and get your timings right.

Make sure you understand and know the RICS Rules of Conduct and Global Ethical Standards as they are one of the key areas of APC knowledge and experience that if you get wrong at the final assessment you will be referred. Make sure you have the latest version and discuss the Rules of Conduct and Ethics with your supervisor and counsellor at your 3 monthly meetings; you can probably record this as ‘formal learning’ in your CPD

 Submission Documentation Workshop  

Monday 08.02.16

Jon Lever FRICS discusses typical submission document tips and pitfallsSend Jon your documents and he may pick examples and offer guidance for improvement
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