RICS APC candidates – Getting the right balance of experience

Getting the right balance of experience

As the APC is based on your competency experience it is hard to know whether you are on track if your diary and log book are not up to date. It is a good idea to write up your diary and log book  weekly, including a Trainingdetailed description regarding your experience.  We suggest writing a sentence or two for each diary entry, sufficient to remind you about what you were doing. This will help you identify any competency experience where you are deficient.

Maintain regular communication with your employer so you can discuss ways to tailor your experience to fill the gaps.  Your diary is an Mock Interviewimportant document and may be requested by your APC assessment panel, so make sure you keep it up to date.

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Understand the Levels

Understand the Levels

Unfortunately most the candidates I meet do not understand the competency levels:

Level 1 – This is all about LEARNING.  Do not try and define the competency or regurgitate the APC Pathway guide text, as so many candidates seem to do!  Remember you are trying to demonstrate to the assessors that you have reviewed the requirements in the APC Pathway guide with your supervisor and counsellor, and have researched, undertaken and achieved the required learning.   Also, remember not to talk about your project experience examples in this level, unless you wish to refer to the learning you have reinforced through your experience.

Level 2 – This is all about DOING.  This needs to be a focused description of the depth and breadth of your experience and one or two (if you can fit it into the word count) examples of your experience relevant to this competency.

Level 3 – This is all about ADVISING.  This needs to be a description of the depth and breadth of your experience and specifically where you have been advising clients, colleagues and anyone else of relevance.  Remember, the ability to advise effectively comes from having had a large amount of varied experience, relevant to your declared competencies.