FREE Masterclasses from DeLever

Masterclasses are excellent for gaining knowledge and understanding of the whole APC Process.

They are run by Jon Lever FRICS who is the RICS UK Licenced Assessor Trainer, a RICS MasterclassesRegional Training Adviser and an APC Chairman of Assessors, so he really knows the APC!  

The Masterclasses:

 APC Process Explained  Helps you to understand what you need to do to achieve the APC, includes a walk through of the APC process timeline with an explanation of what to do at each key milestone.

Professional Experience Route (PER) Process Explained  Helps you to understand what you need to do to achieve the APC via the PER route. Includes an explanation of the templates and a walk through of the PER timeline explaining what to do at each key milestone.

The new APC templates  Discusses each component of the new RICS APC templates including what constitutes a good level of experience recording in the templates and includes information Pathwayon the changes to the templates.

The Case Study or Critical Analysis  Covers the components of the case study or critical analysis and key criteria a candidate should use for selecting the right project.

Submission documents – get yours right  Understand how to best complete your documents ready for submission for the final assessment, also discusses common mistakes candidates make. Delegates can send in their submission documents beforehand and some will be picked at random for review during the masterclass.

The Final Assessment  

Includes how best to prepare for the final assessment, a step by step Mock Interviewaccount of the APC interview and key tips for the final assessment.

Referral Of course no one wants to be referred, but if you are it’s not necessarily as bad as you think. This masterclass discusses the key elements of referral, focusing on reasons for referral and how to approach the referral process. 

RICS Rules of Conduct This masterclass covers the key elements of the RICS Rules of Conduct that a candidate should be aware of and the latest updates to the Rules of Conduct.

Professional Ethics The masterclass will give an overview of what ethics really means but
specifically focus on group discussion around a number of ethical scenarios and how to spot the
ethical question in the APC Final Assessment interview.  

When ?Structure is key

4th Nov 15 – APC Explained FREE
12pm – 2pm (UK time)
18th Nov 15 – APC Explained FREE
7pm – 9pm (UK time)
2nd Dec 15 – Case Study and Critical Analysis £29.00 + Vat
7pm – 9pm (UK time)
7th Dec 15 – Referral FREE
7pm – 9pm (UK time)

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