Tips 1 of 5 from Jon Lever FRICS for organising your time leading up to the final assessment plus FREE help.

Tips for organising your time leading up to the final assessment

Prepare your presentation thoroughly
Once your Case Study is finished you should focus on developing your 10 minute presentation.

Preparing for the Final Assessment

Preparing for the Final Assessment

I have seen a number of candidates present something different from their Case Study at the final assessment; you will be referred if you do this. If you bring a flipchart or handouts they should look professional. Your notes should be detailed enough to be a useful prompt, but not a script that you read to the assessors. A vital part of your preparation is practice to polish your performance and get your timings right.

Extra Help ! FREE APC Forum

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Jon’s tips for the Final Assessment and how best to prepare. 

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Need help ?

The Forum will also feature an APC process question and answer session and is run by Jon Lever FRICS.

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Our online myAPCDiary platform will allow a candidate to record all aspects of their APC program. IAPC_Diary_you_tube_covert will also provide all related supervisors and counselors a means of tracking their assigned candidates, in a simple to use, and centralised location. All live, with the latest information.

Extra special tip ! Ethics and the final assessment

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