**Preparing for the Final Assessment ?**

updateJon Lever says …

Jon Lever's advice !

Jon Lever’s advice !

Sitting the final assessment is stressful, understanding what to expect will help.  It is a good idea to visit the assessment centre beforehand and test such things as journey time and parking. You cannot be late for the final assessment! Prepare a checklist so that when you get nervous on the day you don’t forget anything. Absolutely anything in your submission documents can be the basis of questioning during your interview, so make sure you put in the preparation time and regularly review your declared competencies and submission documents.

Extra help …

DeLever Mock Interviews – Just like the real thing!
Hour long mock interviews followed by fifteen minutes of feedback and online access to a recording of your mock.
The DeLever mock interview is as close to the real thing as we can make it. Practice the entire interview and receive feedback from the two assessors straight away.
Being a ‘Chartered Surveyor’ is for life, so invest in your future.
Mocks are only £255 + vat

More information and booking: http://www.delever.com/mocks

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