APC Document submission ? Fear factor creeping in, help is here.

Have you submitted your Documents now to the RICS?
So, now you must continue your preparation for the hardest Interview you’ll ever have!

Are you ready ?

Are you ready ?

Chartered Surveyors are an Elite membership, so they are very careful who they let represent them.
So don’t be afraid of it, DeLever’s Jon Lever is the Trainer of Assessors and at the DeLever mock interviews he puts candidates through a tough time.

Prepare well with Jon and his consultants to get you through. DeLever will be releasing their Mock interview dates next week they always sell out.

DeLever trained (mentored and mock interviewed) candidates’ pass rate is 90% to 100%

Join “MYDELEVER.com” for extra help … takes minutes to register


  • Get immediate access to FREE APC resources (more coming soon)
  • Get access to the FREE DeLever News APC Update
    (We can then email you when each issue is released) Mock prize
  • Tell us a little about you and what support you need
  • Enables us to send you relevant information NOT SPAM
  • Enter our FREE Prize Draw for an APC Mock Interview
  • We can improve our support service to you and not waste your time

It will only take you a few minutes.   oh and you’ll be entered in to the prize draw to win a Mock free…

2 thoughts on “APC Document submission ? Fear factor creeping in, help is here.

  1. I am an APC candidate via Adaptation 1 Route on QS and Construction (Building) pathway.

    Working as a QS in Nigeria with a foreign construction company.

    I am presently struggling with my Critical Analysis. Interview is taking place in South Africa in April/May and I don’t want to miss this opportunity. This is one of the areas that I need assistance and others.

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