Tip of the Week – APC RICS Rules of Conduct and Ethics pt. 3of3

“Starting Out or Just Finishing? The RICS Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics are important for ANY part of your Surveying Career” Jon Lever FRICS


In this Series of 3 parts Jon will discuss an element of Rules or Ethics and how he would question it at the APC Final Assessment.

A Snippit of Jon Lever’s FRICS MD of DeLever Masterclass on Ethics ?

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This Week: Some of the key questions that you could ask

  •  Do I explain clearly what I promise to do and do I keep to that promise?
  •  Do I look at ways to improve the service I provide to my clients?
  •  How can I help my clients better understand the surveying services that I am offering?

    DeLever helps you pass you APC with a 90%+ pass rate.

    DeLever helps you pass your APC with a 90%+ pass rate.

  •  Am I providing a professional service for a professional fee?
  •  Would the client still employ me if they knew more about me and the workload I have? If not, why not?
  •  Do I put undue pressure on myself and colleagues (especially junior colleagues) to do more than we actually can?

You can read the detail here:  http://www.rics.org/ethicsRICS ethics

But remember Ethics is not the easiest of subjects and not often immediately straight forward, but requires an element of interpretation and of course a good moral compass.

 For the complete document
If you have missed parts 1 or 2 email me and we will send you the complete document.

© DeLever 2014.

This document is produced solely by DeLever Limited and is their interpretation of the RICS Rules of Conduct and APC Guides, specifically the sections regarding the RICS Rulesof Conduct and Global Ethical Standards.  Any layout, content, suggestions or views are solely the interpretation of DeLever Limited and are not endorsed by any other party.  You use this resource at their own risk and DeLever takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that have been made in its production.  You are ALWAYS advised to seek sources of the material discussed and review and form your own views and opinions.




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