Tip of the Week – APC RICS Rules of Conduct and Ethics “Always Provide a High Standard of Service”

“Starting Out or Just Finishing? The RICS Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics are important for ANY part of your Surveying Career” Jon Lever FRICS

In this Series 2nd of 3 parts

This Week: “Always Provide a High Standard of Service”perfect

This means always ensuring that your client, or others to whom you have a professional responsibility, receive the best possible advice, support or performance of the terms of engagement you have agreed.

This standard includes, but is not limited to the following behaviours or actions:

Be clear about what service your client wants and the service you are providing

Act within your scope of competence. If it appears that services are required outside that scope then be prepared to do something about it, for example, make it known to your client, obtain expert input or consultation, or if it’s the case that you are unable to meet the service requirements, explain that you are not best placed to act for the client

  • Be transparent about fees and any other costs or payments such as referral fees or commissionsrics ethics
  • Communicate with your client in a way that will allow them to make informed decisions
  • If you use the services of others then ensure that you pay for those services within the timescale agreed
  • Encourage your firm or the organisation you work for to put the fair treatment of clients at the centre of its business culture. Being open and transparent in the way you work. Sharing appropriate and necessary information with your clients and/or others to conduct business and doing so in a way so they can understand that information.

Within the narrative it also offers up some basic key questions that you could ask yourself as a bit of a self-test or conscience test…:

Most of these questions relate back to the regulatory view of how would my actions be perceived in the public domain and whether I would be seen to be acting professionally, impartially and in an appropriate manner inline-about-us-1expected of a Chartered Surveyor.

Also it pulls on your on conscience too and would you be embarrassed that you were found out to be acting in an inappropriate manner.

Don’t forget Ethics is foundation on respect and through that the building and maintenance of a good reputation in the market place / society etc…

Now the principles of ethical values and behaviour that the RICS promote go a fair way toward promoting genuine ethical behaviour as a highly positive behaviour and benefit to your career progression and through that comes the justified and well earn reputational and financial rewards.

Next week – Last tip 3 in this series of 3.
Review of Ethics
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© DeLever 2014.
This document is produced solely by DeLever Limited and is their interpretation of the RICS Rules of Conduct and APC Guides, specifically the sections regarding the RICS Rulesof Conduct and Global Ethical Standards.  Any layout, content, suggestions or views are solely the interpretation of DeLever Limited and are not endorsed by any other party.  You use this resource at their own risk and DeLever takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that have been made in its production.  You are ALWAYS advised to seek sources of the material discussed and review and form your own views and opinions.




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