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###APC Submission Review Online###

18 September 2014 with Kate Taylor MRICS
60% of APC Submissions, I see, have avoidable mistakes …Jon Lever FRICS

This online event provides you with the opportunity to have elements of your documentation reviewed prior to submission with the added bonus of being able to see other candidates documents reviewed as well.

Worrying about your document ?

Worrying about your documents ?

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*****DeLever Online APC Forums ***

DeLever Online APC Forums


12 September 2014 – Building Surveying with Danny Medcalf MRICS

26 September 2014 – APC Process with Jon Lever FRICS

The DeLever APC Forum is a LIVE online event featuring APC process or pathway question and answer sessions for ANYONE involved in the APC process.

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BWA DeLever Middle East – APC Forum Dubai 09.09.14 – Rules of Conduct & Professional Ethics

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 Dear Colleague 

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The BWA DeLever APC Forum in Dubai on 09.09.14

Event Agenda Items Explained:  Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics

At the APC Forum Jon Lever FRICS will be delivering a CPD talk on the latest RICS Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics.  Jon has researched and trained this topic for the last 7 years since his involvement on the RICS Regulatory Board between 2007 and 2011 and more recently on the RICS Ethics Sub-Committee which he still sits on.  Jon is also associated with the Institute of Business Ethics.

Jon has made it his mission to raise awareness and educate both trainees and Chartered members of the RICS as Conduct and Ethics is often given little attention, yet it is one of the most important topics for our professional well being.

Jon’s talk will be highly relevant for APC candidates and Chartered members.  As a chartered member this could be relevant FORMAL CPD and tick the 3 year requirement for an ETHICAL ELEMENT in your CPD We look forward to seeing you at the event and sharing our knowledge and experience in this learning environment.

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The 3 G’s To Starting Your Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)

 1. Get involved with RICS.

It is important that you get involved with RICS for your APC development. This will have many benefits as well as building up those all important business / network of contacts. Good networking opportunities can always be found at RICS meetings, various committees you can join and specifically RICS matrics events which are often designed to encourage and bring together both surveyors and other professionals. Generally any networking can be recorded in your Professional Development (CPD) and the APC assessors are always keen to see a candidate that is willing to engage with their fellow professionals. If you have a local RICS matrics group then join it, if not why not set one up? If you need some guidance or support with this get in touch.

 2. Get a job

You can only start and progress your APC if you are employed in a relevant surveying job.  It is also important that the job you are employed to do is able to cover and deliver the right practical experience for the pathway and specific declared competencies you have chosen.  You need to have the commitment from your employer that they are happy to develop and support you.  It is well worth putting a structured training plan toegther with your employer focusing on your declared competencies and commentary from your employer regarding the proposed experience they expect you to gain to achieve the competencies over time.

 3. Get stuck in

The APC is your career (no one else is going to sit the final assessment for you) so you need to step up take control and go for it. You should always be seeking opportunities for training, developing your practical experience and progressing your professional development. I often speak with candidates who feel their support network is lacking and, whilst I do sympathise when employers are, maybe, not as proactive as they should be, I also challenge candidate’s motivation and suggest if they are a little lethargic themselves then it is often the case that supervisors and counsellors (as busy as they are) are not incentivised to help an unresponsive candidate. So the moral of this tale is get a grip of the APC and drive it forwards! There is a mountain of support out there, you just need to go and get it.

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Come and meet my colleagues and me at BWA DeLever APC Forum Dubai


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