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NEW APC Forums DUBAI – 9 Sept 14 

If you are based in the Middle East, see our APC Forum Event at www.bwadelever.com
Great opportunity to network, ask your APC questions face to face with assessors.  Also a Rules of Conduct and Ethics talk from Jon Lever FRICS

Tickets available for 150AED Full details and BOOK your place online here: http://www.bwadelever.com

Sponsorship is ALSO AVAILABLE: See www.bwadelever.com

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Want and APC Forum event near you in the UK?  Contact elizabeth@delever.com


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Don't risk failing this submission.

Don’t risk failing this submission.


Thank you to our sponsors helping you get Chartered !

Thank you to our sponsors helping you get Chartered !



BWA DeLever Middle East – APC Forum Dubai 09.09.14 – Sponsorship Opportunity

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 Dear Colleague 

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The BWA DeLever APC Forum in Dubai on 09.09.14 would like to invite you to be involved and support this great event.

We are offering opportunities for sponsorship at the APC forum.  Download our Sponsors flyer at http://www.bwadelever.com  .  Sponsorship opportunities start circa 1,000AED  If this is outside your budget please contact us to discuss what support you can provide.  We would like to engage with everyone that this event could benefit.

Please email us on bwadelever@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting this event

Thank you

What you get for your support and sponsorship:
Your logo and link on:

  • Web site
  • Social media (LinkedIn contacts direct:450+  Through the groups we subscribe to: 1.1million contacts!)
  • Email campaigns
  • On delegate resource CDROM
  • On presentation slides
  • On post event video advert for future eventsPLUS
  • Free attendance (one ticket) and a table at the event
  • Your marketing material in delegate packs
  • Your pads and pens on the tables

PLEASE NOTE: If you are based in the UK and would like DeLever to facilitate a similar event in your local area??? Then email us: hello@delever.com




What Makes a Good Supervisor and Counsellor?


This is often a question I am asked and I always respond “someone who is willing to work with you, assist you and support and commit to you for the duration of your APC training period…” Now the APC process often seems, to the uninitiated, to be a horrendously time consuming and insurmountable task… BUT IT IS NOT! If the supervisor and counsellor approach it with a professional attitude it can actually be quite easy, enjoyable and satisfying to support and develop the Chartered Surveyors of tomorrow.

In my experience, I find so many individuals are thrust into a supervisory role by their employer with little or no training or support, and then feel embarrassed that something they have done themselves, albeit many years ago, is a bit alien to them. Well, I would respond by saying of course it is…the APC process moves on and if it is not a central focus for you then it is going to be difficult. I believe every Chartered Surveyor, asked to undertake a supervisory or counselling role, would wish to deliver it to the best of their ability and support their colleague / candidate 100%. The solution is simple, you need to communicate with your supervisor and counsellor and:

  1.  Make sure the supervisor and counsellor are engaged and committed
  2. Make sure they have read all of the APC guides
  3. Make sure you take on the responsibility of managing and running the APC process and regularly communicate with your supervisor and counsellor, demonstrating to them your commitment to getting the APC job done
  4. Maintain your motivation and keenness to learn and gain practical experience. Draw on your supervisor and counsellor’s wealth of experience and advice.
  5. Be proactive and get the job done.

 Oh, and thank them for their time, efforts and support because everyone likes to be appreciated!

If at any point you or your supervisor and counsellor get to a point in the APC process where you are a little unsure how to proceed, why not give me a call. I have made it a mission for the last 15 years to provide friendly support and guidance to anyone involved in the APC process so please don’t think any query is too simple or a problem to ask, because it is not.


If you need some APC support, please contact me at: http://www.bwadelever.com  or bwadelever@gmail.com

Come and meet my colleagues and me at BWA DeLever APC Forum Dubai

See: http://www.bwadelever.com

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