BWA DeLever Middle East – APC Forum Dubai 09.09.14 – Explained

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Over the next few days we will be posting information and guidance about the agenda we will be delivering at the BWA DeLever APC Forum in Dubai on 09.09.14.  We are running a full and exciting agenda, so come along if you can or tell your colleagues and contacts about it.  (full details here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are based in the UK and would like DeLever to facilitate a similar event in your local area??? Then email us:



BWA DeLever APC Forum 09.09.14 – Agenda 
(we will explain each Agenda item in detail over the next few days)

  • Welcome & Networking & Talk to the APC Assessors
  • APC Rules of Conduct and Ethics talk by Jon Lever FRICS
  • Refreshments & Networking & Talk to the Assessors
  • APC Mock Interview Cinema & Talk to the Assessors
  • Networking & Talk to the Assessors
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Understand the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) Process

You would think this is an obvious statement, that “every candidate needs to have a good understanding of the APC process”, yet you would not believe how many candidates I meet that have little or no appreciation of the depth, breadth and magnitude of the task that lies ahead of them to achieve Chartered status. It is a veritable mountain of effort, gaining practical experience, reports, administration and record keeping. I even meet candidates who are nearing the end of the process who have little or no appreciation of the content and requirements of their declared competencies!

I often ask candidates, supervisors and counsellors the question “If they were to employ a professional Chartered Surveyor to assist them in a specific task for one of their clients, and that Chartered Surveyor delivered the work in a poorly produced report, not adhering to the client brief or requirements, laced with spelling and grammatical errors, on occasion technically incorrect and generally very poor in regard to presentation and structure…. Would you use the surveyor again or even pay them for their work?” The answer is always “NO OF COURSE NOT!” accompanied by lots of head shaking, rolling of eyes and tutting.

So, why then is it, for some reason unbeknown to me, that APC candidates, supervisors and counsellors think it is OK to send to RICS a final assessment submission with exactly the same list of errors. And then, when after the final assessment, a candidate receives a negative outcome (referral) and a multi-page referral report, they proceed to complain that the APC assessors have done them an injustice!

It seems daft, doesn’t it, yet this happens time and time again. From my own experience of assessing, (which spans some 18+ years now, that makes me feel a little OLD!), I am still seeing about 60% of the candidates I assess sending RICS a poor and inadequate set of documentation prior to attending their Final Assessment.

So it is with a heartfelt plea, not only for my benefit as an assessor, but for your benefit as a prospective final assessment candidate and Chartered Surveyor that you FULLY understand the APC process and get to grips with it and deliver exactly, to the letter, the RICS’s requirements, your client’s brief.

I have made it a mission over the past 15 years, and will do so for many years to come, to provide FREE and cost effective support and advice to many thousands of APC candidates, supervisors, counsellors and employers both in the UK and Worldwide… All you need to do is come and get it and give yourself a massive opportunity to avoid being referred!

Come and meet my colleagues and me at BWA DeLever APC Forum Dubai


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