Professional Development – This template is worrying me…!

qow2Firstly, take a deep breath…

As a general rule of thumb I would suggest you gently exceed the minimum requirement so a Grad 1 or 2 (48 hrs per year minimum) may record in the region of 65 to 75 hours a year and a Grad 3, Adapt 1, PER (20 hrs in the last 12 months) I would suggest 30 to 35 hours.

This shows keenness and willingness to exceed the minimum and this can only be seen in a good light to the assessors.  It also demonstrates a candidates understanding and willingness to continue developing their CPD going forward with the rest of their Chartered career.  Which can only be a good thing.

Flip side I have received documentation in the past with 630 hours in a single year which was where the candidate lumped in a load of education which in my view was vastly exaggerated and way over the top.  So in the light of that I was dubious about the candidate and why he thought the need to overcook this requirement quite so spectacularly…

Then there is the issue of remembering it all…!  Why not record a little more but record the quality and diversity of learning, the interesting ones that you can enthuse over and discuss at length.  Make sure your selection of learning covers elements within your declared competencies so you can record and demonstrate learning specifically in the level 1 competency descriptions in Template 6.

And lastly we don’t have much time in the interview so we will generally just dip into a couple of learning entries and verify with you that you have been there, done it and established some useful learning outcomes… Literally a couple of minutes discussion and then we will be moving on to other declared competency areas.

So, I think my overarching comment is don’t over do (or over think) template 4, professionalism, diversity of learning topics and learning types, currency of learning and don’t forget to shoehorn in some of the all important Rules of Conduct and Ethics (a lot of candidates seem not to do this).

Oh yes, and please please ready your client’s brief (candidate guide) and follow the requirements to the letter.

I hope this helps

Kind regards