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Often when I see APC Candidate final assessment submission documentation the summary of experience is clearly not thought through properly and lacks the key information that the candidate should be submitting.  In this brief article I will explain what is required for each competency level…

Remember the APC Assessors are looking at your documentation as a critique of what you have learnt, done and advised upon.  The Assessors are ONLY interested in the candidate demonstrating the minimum levels of competence in line with the Requirements stated in the Requirements and Competencies Guide and Pathway Guides

So, when writing up the Summary of Experience, please consider the following…


This is all about LEARNING.  Do not try and define the competency or regurgitate the pathway guide text!  Moreover remember you are trying to demonstrate you have reviewed the requirements in the pathway guide and have gone and done the required learning.  Do not talk about project examples in this level description.

I would suggest starting with “I have developed my knowledge of this competency by….”  then list a range of articles you have studied, learning from your education as appropriate, courses you have attended, in-house training you have done etc which will demonstrate what you have learn’t. It is good to demonstrate a range of learning methods and also include a reference to something you have done recently as this shows willing on your part and demonstrates your keenness to continually develop which is something you will have to do with your CPD once chartered.

If you follow these simple steps you cannot go far wrong!

1. Caution: REMEMBER what you write is ‘fair game’ for the Assessors to question.  So make sure you can back it ALL up in the interview!

2. Tip:  Use your word count to best effect.  Often candidates only write a small amount when they could have developed the detail in their descriptions to a much more conclusive response.

3. Intelligence: Did you know the RICS recently updated the Requirements and Competencies and Pathway guides between January 2014 and April 2014.

Next week we look at Level 2 and the week after Level 3.

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Can I use APC experience older than 24 months?



Question:  “A quick question I hope you can help me with – I’m on Grad route 1, can I use any experience older then 24 months? I have a couple of decent jobs i might want to use from my previous employment… ”






There are two aspects to this question

1.  Using experience older than 24 months in the Templates or Critical Analysis?

For a Graduate Route 1 candidate RICS only require (allow) you to record your experience from the date you enrol on the process. Assessors want to see experience as fresh and up to date as possible.

2.  Using experience older than 24 months in the Final Assessment Interview?

For a Graduate Route 1 candidate I see absolutely no problem with you discussing ANY of your (relevant) experience in the Final Assessment interview.  You will be lead through your competencies and experience, documented in your paperwork, through the assessor questioning and it is always good to have a few other projects in the back of your mind to add to the examples already provided during the interview conversations.

I hope this helps

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Welcome to the Tip of the Week:tipofweek

Tip of the Week is from one of our great  DeLever Consultants. 

Commercial Property and Valuation Pathway APC Candidates need to improve general business knowledge, especially with regard to finance…

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Our Thanks to Kate Taylor MRICS – DeLever APC Coach –

PLUS – Whilst we are at it here is more BIM (Building Information Modelling) information

BIM Dictionary:

Post any useful links and tips we can share, below?

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Jon Lever FRICS – APC Tip of the Week

Welcome to the Tip of the Week:tipofweek

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

In case you are unaware, RICS have recently update the Requirements and Competencies guide and also the Pathway guides for some pathways to include a NEW Optional Competency: BIM

BIM is the new’ish kid on the block and seems to be taking off in many different ways.  When I talk to Architects I know they are jumping on the band wagon and making sure they are developing BIM into everything they do.

There are a number of systems available to deliver BIM and if you remember the old days of VHS v BETAMAX tapes then I have the same feeling and view about BIM at the moment.  However, AUTODESK REVIT software is the name I keep hearing about and a small amount of research has offered up the following:  

“Autodesk Revit is Building information modeling software for architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors. It allows users to design a building and structure and its components in 3D, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements and access building information from the building models database. Revit is 4D BIM capable with tools to plan and track various stages in the building’s lifecycle, from concept to construction and later demolition.”  Source: Wikipedia

So, I am on a mission to keep my eyes and ears open for more information as I am sure it will be a final assessment hot topic across a range of pathways for the foreseeable future.

Information sources I have seen recently:

RICS Modus – May edition

RICS Construction Journal, page 24:   

Post you comments below?

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