Do you want to EXCEL in your final APC interview?

be very good: to be outstanding 
do well or better: to do better than all others, than a given standard,
or than previous personal achievement

Are you feeling confident about your interview? Do you know what to expect and how you will be received? Take a mock interview which will be as close to the real thing as we can make it. It’s a 60 minute interview with two APC assessors. The interview questioning will be based on your personal submission documents, just like the real APC final assessment.

The mock interview is followed immediately by a 15 minute feedback critique from the assessors based upon your performance.*

Both the mock interview and the feedback session are recorded and you will be given online access to this recording a few days after the mock interview.

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*Please note the assessors provide their comments on the basis of your performance on the day. However, this does not guarantee that the identical assessment will be made at the real final assessment as this is dependent upon your performance on the day.

Are you READY for your final assessment? Know EXACTLY what to expect?…

Jon Lever FRICS will be holding a final assessment seminar in London on Monday 3rd March, where he will take you through everything you need to know about:

    • How to prepare for your final assessment
    • What the Assessors are looking for in a candidate
    • How the Assessors make their decision
    • A step by step breakdown of the 60 minute interview
    • Overview of the rules of conduct

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DeLever APC Forum ONLINE tomorrow – And it is COMPLETELY FREE

Dear Colleague

Hi there…
squareAs part of the APC forum ( we do a couple of 10 minute talks on key subjects, but tomorrow’s forum is going to run a bit differently.  I will dedicate the two 10 minute talks to reviewing and offering guidance on the final assessment submissions.
So, if you are coming to the DeLever APC Forum Online and are on the cusp of producing your final draft of the documentation or aiming to hand it in next week, why not email me a copy this afternoon and I’ll randomly pick from whatever you send me and maybe just maybe highlight some errors in the forum tomorrow (don’t worry I’ll anonamise them all) that you can then fix before sending the documents off…
Remember I am ALWAYS whinging about the fact that 60% of candidates I interview for RICS have something wrong with their documents…. I may be able to remove you from that statistic???  And completely FREE too….
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Have you seen DeLever.TV / APC Forum Questions and answers?  See:
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Kind regards

Professional Practice Skills Development and the APC

qow2Question:  “I am amalgamating my CPD hours for my APC submission next month and am concerned that I do not have enough for Professional Practice Skills Development. I have read the RICS codes of conduct documents etc available of the RICS website but these will not allow me to build up the required 16 hours”

Answer:  An interesting quandary but you are not alone as this is probably one of the hardest areas to gain Professional Development in.  Candidates are expected to focus on professional development over their whole training period but I do find more often than not it tends to be left a little bit last minute.  This is often down to poor supervisor and counsellor support and a general lack of awareness that the training period often disappears in a puff of smoke…

However, no point harping on about it as it does not solve your immediate problem, so here are some suggestions that will:

1. Read the RICS guide about how Rules of Conduct will be assessed at the APC.  This document outlines the range of Rules of Conduct documentation you would need to be aware of.

For example:
Rules for Members and Firms
The Help Sheets supporting the rules (there are lots)
The Policy documents for PII and regulation
Bribery Act
Surveying Safely
Equality Act
RICS Bye Laws
RICS Regulations
Practice management guide (edition 3)
Ombudsman Services Property Web site

Links to most of this you can find at
I have a mind map of the ethics and rules of conduct if you would like a copy, get in touch.

2. Attend or buy the recording of my two Masterclasses on Rules of Conduct and Professional Ethics.  About 2 hours long each.  See:

3. Do the RICS ONLINE 1 hour ethics module for free at

4. Come along to the DeLever APC Lifeline workshop where we cover the whole final assessment preparation elements plus a couple of hours on rules of conduct and Q&A on the subject too

5. Read the about us section on the RICS website, that is relevant

6. Look at conflict avoidance, dispute resolution and client care

7. Come along to my FREE APC Forum online.  See:

I hope this helps

Kind regards


DeLever APC Forum No.13 – Questions and Answers at… With a twist.

DeLever APC Forum No.14 on Friday 21 Feb 14

Come and ask your APC questions

Book your FREE place at:  (Note: Even if you cannot make it book anyway and we’ll send you the recording) We like some of the questions so much we are publishing them in our APC Forum playlist at www.DeLever.TV with a bit of a twist…

Thank you for this fantastic question:

“I was told I could get referred if I knocked on the interview room door incorrectly”

Watch our first one here at www.DeLever.TV (Don’t forget to ‘like’ it if you do)

Last Bookings: Critical Analysis and RICS Templates and Submission Documents Masterclasses

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19 Feb 14 – RICS Templates and Submission Documents: Covers each component of the RICS Final Assessment Templates including what constitutes a good level of experience recording in the templates.  The masterclass also discusses common mistakes made candidates in their submission documents.

19 Feb 14 – The Critical Analysis: Covers the components of the critical analysis, including key issues, options, proposed solutions, conclusion and analysis of experience gained. Also covers how to select an appropriate project and common pitfalls.
20 Feb 14 – Contract Practice (T017):
24 Feb 14 – Design & Specification (T021)
27 Feb 14 – Passing Planning & Development
28 Feb 14 – Valuation Revision, Questions and Answers

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