Changing Firms Part Way Through Your APC


Pending a job offer I may soon be in a position to change companies to move to firm which is more closely involved in the areas I wish to specialise in…

I am hope to sit my APC in the Autumn and the new firm has confirmed that they will help me through the final stages of my training.

Has anyone had any experience of changing firms mid training and what were your thoughts on the process?


I advise many candidates on this.

Here are my tips:

1. Before leaving your existing employer, make sure all records are up-to-date i.e. diary, logbook, professional development and summary of experience.

2. Make sure before you leave your existing employer that you have an APC closeout meeting to discuss and agree upon your achievements whilst in their employment.  Sign-off all relevant competency levels.

3. Get commitment from your new firm to support you through the remainder of your APC.

4. Get a copy of the new firm’s APC training agreement and discuss your new structured training plan to move your APC forward. If an APC training agreement is not in place you will need to sort one out asap.  This will be required to complete part of the change of employer form… See item 6 below.

5. Are the competencies you have selected still valid?  Is your new firm able to provide you experience to cover your existing declared competencies or will you have to select different ones? (Note: Only the ones you are allowed to change, of course).  You may need to recode some of your previous experience or some may become void.  You will ONLY submit the minimum required number and level of competency for the Final Assessment.  (I hope that makes sense?!  Ask me your questions if not…)

6. **IMPORTANT** Inform RICS that you have moved firm and, if relevant, changed Counsellor.  You should use the change of employer form:
(Note you would also use this form if just changing counsellor but staying with the same employer).

And finally a bit of expectation management:
In my view, if you leave one employer which probably will be a change of supervisor and counsellor you are in a position where you have to prove to your new supervisor and counsellor that you are actually at the competency level your departing supervisor and counsellor agreed with you.  Don’t forget you are relying on your new supervisor and counsellor to put their reputation / charter on the line for you when they sign you off for the final assessment, so, I would suggest that you may experience a delay in your APC progression as you demonstrate your competence to your new mentor(s).  I often suggest getting to know a new firm and undertake this process of competency level verification will probably take 2 or 3 months (maybe more?!). Therefore, you may experience a delay in your APC progression and this may even delay your final assessment.

I hope his helps

Kind regards

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