APC Update no. 12 – 28th August 2013


APC Update No 12 – 28th August 2013
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Providing training and resources that are affordable and useful for Surveyors from Surveyors…

I hope you have had or will be heading off for a fabulous Summer break.  I have just got back from mine and have loads of updated APC support & information to tell you about.

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OneDeLever Online Masterclasses
Don’t Miss Out  (ONLY 45 places per event)


Evening webinars covering the APC Process, mandatory and technical competencies…

Our Masterclasses are excellent for gaining knowledge and understanding of the APC process and the mandatory and technical competencies, or a great revision aide for the final assessment.

Get the RECORDING of our – Mock Interview Feedback Masterclass – Common mistakes made by final assessment candidates.  Originally delivered on 10th July 2013.  The DeLever APC Coaches and Mock Interview Assessors together with Jon Lever FRICS to talk about:

  • The reasons candidates are referred at final assessment
  • Common mistakes candidates
  • Giving guidance on how candidates can best prepare for the final assessment.
  • Some fantastic tips and candidate questions answered

All DeLever Online APC Masterclass recordings are delivered on CDROM. ORDER YOUR COPY HERE for £35+VAT (While stocks last): http://www.delever.com/masterclass *********************************************************************************************************

Online Masterclasses are a live presentation with slides and live webcam feed of the trainer, delegates can fully interact and ask questions at any time. Delegates type their questions, rather like instant messaging, and the trainer will reply via the live video webcam feed. It is like all being in the same room, but without having to leave home!

The Masterclasses give you a support network of other candidates to share your experiences with and the chance to regularly chat with an APC coach to ask any questions you may have. We feel that people learn best when they are comfortable and relaxed, so all our Masterclasses are informal and run by a welcoming and enthusiastic APC coach.

What you get from an online Masterclass:

  • Competency awareness across levels 1, 2 and 3 describing what is involved to become competent at each level (competency Masterclasses only)
  • Guidance on what you need to know about your pathway from an APC assessor with extensive knowledge of the pathway (Pathway-specific Masterclasses) or the APC process (APC Process Masterclasses)
  • Professional Development / CPD – Up to TWO hours per Masterclass.
  • A regular support network to help guide you through your APC and an opportunity to meet and network with a group of APC candidates, learn from their experience and develop your contacts.

NEW PROGRAMME OF OVER 40  Masterclasses available now!

See: http://www.delever.com/masterclass Don’t forget to watch the FREE ones!

Some Typical Examples:

03 Sep 2013  –  Mandatory Competencies – Tim Jones FRICS
Covers: (M003, M004, M010) Client care, Communication and negotiation, Team working This masterclass reviews and discusses all three mandatory competencies to the levels required at APC, focussing on client care procedures, communication skills, negotiation skills and how teams are managed and what key aspects of team-working are important to understand.  Book here: http://www.delever.com/masterclass

04 Sep 2013  –  RICS Templates and Submission Documents – Jon Lever FRICS
Covers each component of the RICS Final Assessment Templates including what constitutes a good level of experience recording in the templates.  The Masterclass also discusses common mistakes made candidates in their submission documents.  Book here: http://www.delever.com/masterclass

There are OVER 40 to choose from
SEE here
: http://www.delever.com/masterclass


ONLINE Masterclass:
£35+VAT per place (limited places available so BOOK EARLY)

SPECIAL OFFER buy 5 ONLINE Masterclasses for the price of 4, use code OLMCOF at the checkout. (This special offer DOES NOT include Masterclass Recordings, sorry)

Book your place and more information here: http://www.delever.com/masterclass


twoDeLever are facilitating the JFPC Valuation School
Where: Bedford (Nr. Milton Keynes)
24 & 25 September 2013

Don’t Miss this fantastic APC preparation opportunity…!

Jon Lever FRICS and John Faulkner FRICS are collaborating to provide a top class, jam packed two days of specific APC related competency training.
See: http://www.delever.com/valuation

This is being provided by popular demand.

What you get:

Day 1 – Valuation Revision Session 24th September 2013 10.00 to 17.00. Speaker: John Faulkner FRICS Enquiries: valuationschool@ricsonline.net

Day 1 – APC Rules of Conduct and General APC Q&A Session  24th September 2013 17.30 to 19.30. Speaker: Jon Lever FRICS Enquiries: jon@delever.com

Day 2 – Landlord & Tennant  25th September 2013 10.00 to 17.00. Speaker: John Faulkner FRICS Enquiries: valuationschool@ricsonline.net

See: http://www.delever.com/valuation

Delegate rates: There are Three Options

Day 1 – Valuation Revision – £165 plus VAT – Only 15 places
Day 1 – APC SPECIAL Evening session – £FREE to day 1 or 2 delegates £30 plus VAT for non-day 1 or 2 delegates (limited places)
Day 2 – Landlord & Tenant – £165 plus VAT – Only 15 places

Buy both Day 1 & 2 and get 20% Discount – ONLY available until 31st August 2013

All resources are provided.  FREE DeLever Resource CDROM available for the APC evening event delegates. Dress code casual.  Refreshments included for Delegates attending Valuation and L&T courses.  Accommodation and Breakfast / Dinner is NOT included, but preferential rates are available.

See: http://www.delever.com/valuation


threeDeLever APC Face-to-Face Seminars
APC Final Assessment Explained
 (Up to 1 hour CPD)
Final Assessment Presentation Skills (Up to 3 hours CPD)
Where: London: 23rd September 2013


Great Resource, Great Value & Great Fun

DeLever and London South Bank University are delighted to offer the following Face-to-Face APC Seminars in a comfortable and relaxed environment at London South Bank Universities Techno Park.

All of the APC Seminars are delivered by Jon Lever FRICS.  The following Seminars are:

APC Final Assessment Explained   10am – 1.30pm
Covers the final assessment in full including the interview and the final assessment from an assessor’s perspective. Jon describes the preparation needed for the final assessment and then breaks down the 60-minute interview into steps and goes through each one. Jon covers who the assessors are, what they are looking for in a candidate and how they make their decision. Using the DeLever Final Assessment DVD, Jon takes each component of the final interview and describes how you will be assessed. Also includes an overview of the rules of conduct as they form an important part of the final assessment.  Relevant for All APC Route Candidates, Supervisors and Counsellors etc.

Price: £80+VAT per delegate   (Limited Places)
(SPECIAL OFFER:  Early bird rate £80+VAT being held until 31st August 2013. Thereafter £90+VAT)
BOOK HERE: http://www.delever.com/seminars

APC Presentation Skills Workshop  3.30pm to 7pm
An APC flavoured presentation skills workshop. A detailed guide to structuring the presentation, preparing notes, verbal script and visual aids. Jon covers body language, using humour in the presentation, delivery style and handling questions. Delegates may have the opportunity to deliver a presentation. Jon films and critiques performances to help delegates understand how they may come across to the assessors and how to improve their delivery.  Relevant for All APC Route Candidates.

Price: £80+VAT per delegate  (Limited Places)
(SPECIAL OFFER:  Early bird rate £80+VAT being held until 31st August 2013. Thereafter £90+VAT)
BOOK HERE: http://www.delever.com/seminars

All delegates will receive useful resources and a DeLever APC Resource CDROM FREE


fourDeLever Mock Interviews
Selling Like Hot Cakes – Limited places available

Our programme of Mock Interviews can be found online at: http://www.delever.com/mocks

We provide a FULL 1 hour mock interview (IDENTICAL to the RICS APC Final Assessment Interview) and an INSTANT feedback critique of your performance.  We ONLY use ACTIVE, hand picked (by Jon Lever FRICS), highly competent and accomplished APC Assessors and you will have TWO assessors at your mock.

ALL mock interviews and the instant feedback is videoed and a copy of the video will be provided to you within 7 days of the mock interview.

You WILL receive some useful resources and a DeLever APC Resource CDROM FREE.

You will also get DIRECT access to DeLever APC Coaches who can provide on-going support if you require it.

DeLever believes that you will not get this quality of service anywhere else!

“An invaluable experience! Exactly like the real thing. The whole process gave me a real insight as to what to experience on the day and gave me some excellent learning criteria and interview techniques. Fully recommend this mock interview process to any candidate at any level. Thank you!”
M Boast MRICS (APC Candidate 2013.Session 1)


Pathways available for ALL APC Routes (Grad1,2,3,Adapt1, PER, SPR):

  • Building Control – Available on request
  • Commercial Property – SPACES
  • Facilities Management – SPACES
  • Infrastructure – Available on request
  • Management Consultancy   – SPACES
  • Planning and Development  – SPACES
  • Project Management   – SPACES
  • Residential Property   – SPACES
  • Residential Survey and Valuation  – SPACES
  • Rural Practice  – SPACES
  • Quantity Surveying and Construction  – SPACES
  • Valuation  – SPACES

Mock Interview:
Ongoing support & coaching
(available all the time outside of the mock interviews): £65+VAT / hour

Don’t miss out and BOOK your Mock Interview ASAP (Limited spaces and they book up quickly http://www.delever.com/mocks


fiveDeLever APC Forum ONLINE (No.10)
When: Friday 17th September 2013 – 12noon to 2pm BST (GMT+1)

Where: Your place (ONLINE)
Price: £FREE

BOOK HERE: http://www.delever.com/apcforum/book

Come and meet LIVE with Jon Lever FRICS Online for a couple of hours and discuss your APC issues and queries.

We often do a 10 minute talk at the beginning and end of each APC Forum and and at this APC Forum we will be doing the following:

Talk 1 – APC Final Assessment (Including Referred Candidate) tips – ALL Routes & Pathways?
Talk 2 – How does a DeLever Mock Interview work?

This event is FREE so it is offered on a first come first served basis, so BOOK NOW and LOGIN on TIME on the at 12 noon on the 17th September 2013

REGISTER HERE (For future APC Forum Reminders) http://www.delever.com/apcforumonline
BOOK HERE: http://www.delever.com/apcforum/book

NOTE: Logging on details will be sent to you prior to the event, so make sure we have an email address for where you will be logging on from… (have more than one email address?  book twice..! simple..!)


sixDeLever APCeye – Ethical Scenario Discussions
Our Online Blog containing all the archives from the APC Updates and much more.   As we see it happen in the APC World we report it in the APCeye.

Scenario 1: Fee Bidding Scenario 2: Indirect Intelligence Scenario 3: Gifts / Rewards and General ‘Thank You’s’ Scenario 4: Offering Advice Scenario 5: Conflicts of Interest

See: https://apceye.wordpress.com/roc-ethical-scenario-discussions/ 


sevenDeLever APCeye – Launches APC Final Assessment ** Hot Topics **

Brand NEW: Jon Lever launches the APCeye HOT TOPICS discussions. A brilliant opportunity for APC Final Assessment candidates to discuss what they think is the latest buzz in the industry.



See: https://apceye.wordpress.com/apc-hot-topics/

Note:  All posts are MODERATED by Jon Lever FRICS so they WILL NOT appear immediately.


eightDeLever FREE Review: RICS Modus
The China Issue  –  Jul/Aug 2013

Jon Lever FRICS thumbs the pages of the latest edition of modus and directs you to APC relevant articles that Jon thinks you should be reading.  Don’t forget APC Candidates should be reviewing at least the last 6 months of RICS Modus as part of their APC Final Assessment preparation.  Similarly you should be reviewing other industry relevant journals…

Articles of Interest in this issue:
Page 7 – Intelligence – BIM
Page 10 – The World Depends on China Now – RICS Chiefe Economist Comments
Page 11 – Two new Green Deal Web Sites
Page 12 – …UK’s Energy Challenges
Page 14 – Here Comes China – Asset Bubbles, Urban Pollution…
Page 17- The Rise and Rise of Commercial Property
Page 18 – Overseas Investment
Page 21 – Infrastructure: The New Frontier
Page 22 – Heritage protection
Page 24 – RICS in China
Page 27 – PPPs: How to Manage the Risks
Page 28 – Prefabrication
Page 32 to 35 – BRICS by BRICS – Interesting Stats
Page 36 – Incoming President, Michael Newey, comments on Housing
Page 40 – Mitigate Empty Property Rates
Page 41 – Prepare Your Business for the Unexpected
Page 43 to 44 – Key to recovery, One Standard, Smart Cities,
Page 45 – President’s Column
Page 46 – Challenge for Construction & Rental Sector Regulation
Page 47 – More Transparent Valuation…
Page 50 – RICS Membership Concessions (useful to know about your Institution) & Raising Standards
Page 58 – Trade Winds – Interesting Stats

This edition and past / future editions will be posted online here:
https://apceye.wordpress.com/rics-modus-other-journal-reviews/     and    http://www.APCcentre.com

Download a PDF Copy of RICS Modus here:  http://www.rics.org/modus


nineRICS RTA Surgeries (East & East Midlands) – FREE
2013 Programme Available

With Jon Lever FRICS – RICS Training Advisor
Next Surgery: Monday 9th Sept 2013 – Cambridge (11am) & Norwich (3pm)

FREE APC Support, drop in centres.

YOU MUST BOOK to attend:  http://www.delever.com/rta

You can drop in and chat with Jon about:

  • Queries about RICS education routes and requirements
  • (UPDATED) Guidance and support for APC Training Agreements
  • Queries about various routes through the APC process (Grad Routes 1, 2 & 3, Adapt 1, PER & Senior Prof)
  • Questions about the APC training process
  • Any other APC related queries
  • Give candidates the opportunity to practice their final assessment presentations
  • Queries about the AssocRICS process.

Full details and Booking on:  http://www.delever.com/rta


Meet Jon Lever FRICS

Jon gets lots of enquiries for people to call, email or catch up with him fact to face for a chat about their own specific, unique situation.  To save too much hassle we thought it would be good to tell you where Jon will be in the next month and how you can maybe catch up with him about your specific, unique situation…

Locations this month:

  • 20th to 26th August – DeLever Office wading through emails and phone calls
  • 27th August – RICS Coventry
  • 29th August – mk:50 Club Milton Keynes
  • 30th August – DeLever APC ONLINE APC Forum – FREE  http://www.delever.com/apcforum/book

You can currently email jon@delever.com


I hope you found this APC Update of use and informative.
Don’t forget to tell your friends about this resource and follow this blog…

Kind regards

Jon Lever FRICS
Managing Director – DeLever Limited