APC Update No.11 – 4th July 2013


APC Update No 11 – 4th July 2013
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1. DeLever Online Masterclasses  (ONLY 40 FREE places)

Evening webinars covering the APC Process, mandatory and technical competencies

Our Masterclasses are excellent for gaining knowledge and understanding of the APC process and the mandatory and technical competencies, or a great revision aide for the final assessment.

FREE Masterclass!  Mock Interview Feedback – Common mistakes made by final assessment candidates,
10th July 13, FREE! Some of the DeLever APC Mock Interview Assessors together with Jon Lever talk about:

  • The reasons candidates are referred at final assessment
  • Common mistakes candidates
  • Giving guidance on how candidates can best prepare for the final assessment.

Book your place here: http://www.delever.co.uk/html/apc_masterclasses.html#bookonline

Online Masterclasses are a live presentation with slides and live webcam feed of the trainer, delegates can fully interact and ask questions at any time. Delegates type their questions, rather like instant messaging, and the trainer will reply via the live video webcam feed. It is like all being in the same room, but without having to leave home!

The Masterclasses give you a support network of other candidates to share your experiences with and the chance to regularly chat with an APC coach to ask any questions you may have. We feel that people learn best when they are comfortable and relaxed, so all our Masterclasses are informal and run by a welcoming and enthusiastic APC coach.

What you get from an online Masterclass:

  • Competency awareness across levels 1, 2 and 3 describing what is involved to become competent at each level (competency Masterclasses only)
  • Guidance on what you need to know about your pathway from an APC assessor with extensive knowledge of the pathway (Pathway-specific Masterclasses) or the APC process (APC Process Masterclasses)
  • Professional Development / CPD – Two hours per masterclass.
  • A regular support network to help guide you through your APC and an opportunity to meet and network with a group of APC candidates, learn from their experience and develop your contacts.

£35 plus vat per Masterclass place, special offer of buy 5 for the price of 4, use code OLMCOF at the checkout.

Book your place and more information here: http://www.delever.co.uk/html/apc_masterclasses.html


2. DeLever Online Masterclasses – NEW PROGRAMME
Evening webinars covering the APC Process, mandatory and technical competencies

NEW PROGRAMME OF OVER 50  Masterclasses available now!


Don’t forget to watch the FREE ones!  


3. DeLever APCeye – Ethical Scenario Discussions
Our Online Blog containing all the archives from the APC Updates and much more.   As we see it happen in the APC World we report it in the APCeye.

Scenario 1: Fee Bidding
2: Indirect Intelligence
Scenario 3: 
Gifts / Rewards and General ‘Thank You’s’
Scenario 4:
Offering Advice
Scenario 5:
Conflicts of Interest

See: https://apceye.wordpress.com/roc-ethical-scenario-discussions/


4. RICS RTA Surgeries – FREE – 2013 Programme Now Available
8th July 2013 – Leicester (11am) & Derby (3pm)

APC Support, drop in centres, in the East & East Midlands from Jon Lever FRICS

See:  http://www.delever.com/rta


5. DeLever APCeye – Launches APC Final Assessment

** Hot Topics **

Brand NEW: Jon Lever launches the APCeye HOT TOPICS discussions. A brilliant opportunity for APC Final Assessment candidates to discuss what they think is the latest buzz in the industry

See: https://apceye.wordpress.com/apc-hot-topics/


6. Meet Jon Lever FRICS

Jon gets lots of enquiries for people to call, email or catch up with him fact to face for a chat about their own specific, unique situation.  To save too much hassle we thought it would be good to tell you where Jon will be in the next month and how you can maybe catch up with him about your specific, unique situation…
Locations this month:

NOTE:  Jon Lever will be on ANNUAL Leave from 21 July to 20 August 2013

You can currently email jon@delever.com 

I’ve been referred and was looking at template 7 and am unclear as to whether I fill out experiences only for the competencies highlighted in the referral report or refill everything?

Question: I’ve been referred and was looking at template 7 and am unclear as to whether I fill out experiences only for the competencies highlighted in the referral report or refill everything?

qow2Answer: If you have been recently referred (less than 3 years) then the requirement for a Graduate Route Candidate is to submit the following:

Template 1 – Updated to record number of referrals and previous referral report title etc
Template 2 – Updated by selecting the dropdown (top right, in green) noting you are referred (less than 3 years)

Template 3 – Do not amend but will be submitted
Template 4 – Do not amend but will be submitted
Template 5 – Do not amend but will be submitted
Template 6 – Do not amend but will be submitted

Critical Analysis – New or Updated based upon the assessors decision, see the referral report

Referral Report – From last assessment ONLY

Template 7 –  You need to provide detailed information about what you have done, since referral, to mitigate the issues that arose in your referred competencies, as stated in your referral report..

I would also advise you to write up what you have done against each Level to the minimum required Level you are declaring. For example If you were declaring Level 3 and your referral said you only achieved Level 2, I would write up Level 1, 2 and 3 again for that competency demonstrating what you have learnt, achieved and advised upon since referral.

As an aside, there is nothing in the APC guide that deters you from adding more detail, in template 7, about your other competencies, that were deemed OK last time, if you feel more information would be of benefit and relevance for the assessment panel.

Template 8 –  With any referral there is also the issue of Professional Development (CPD for Grad 3’s and above) and I would strongly advise you to focus your Professional Development, as much as possible, on the competencies you were referred on.

I hope this helps

Kind regards


Further help:

Another Referral Blog (includes what you do if Over 3 Years Referred): https://apceye.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/i-am-a-referred-candidate-in-building-surveying-can-i-alter-my-experience-record-before-resubmission-or-is-the-original-submission-set-in-stone/

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