RICS Excel Templates – ONLY 5 Years worth of Log Books

Question: “I am trying to complete the RICS log book template. The template only allows me to record 5 years worth of experience but I have more than 5 years. Does this mean I only need to record the past 5 years experience?”

qow2Answer:  Hi there.  The RICS Templates only allow 5 years worth of Diary experience recording to be allocated to competencies in the Log Book (Template 3) because you are only allowed to submit the last 5 years worth of Diary experience for the final assessment and this quota therefore moves with you through time…

So, for example… If you have been recording for 6 years and written up your Diary from day 1, as soon as you complete year 5 and enter into year 6 then year 1 of your Diary experience (allocated in your Log Book Template 3 against your templates) will start to become void and drop away on a month by month basis, as time passes…  This does have the added hassle that you will then need to shuffle all of the data you have written into the diary up a year and this can take some time!

So, taking a step back for a moment and reviewing the RICS’s requirements as a minimum number of days over a minimum period of time, there is nothing stopping you presenting, say, only that last 3 years worth of Diary experience, working backwards from your proposed submission / assessment date, as long as you meet the quotas and also check that there is not any specific competency experience achieved in your earlier years (remember, only going back 5 years from your proposed submission / assessment date) that would be more beneficial to record against specific competencies in your Log Book, in which case you would be committing to write up the full 5 years.

The remaining earlier experience that you may not necessarily record in the Log Book is, however, not lost as this is part of your experience, so, whilst you may not necessarily record it in your templates it is still relevant to the discussions you may have at the final assessment and I see no reason why you cannot draw from all of your experience to aid you in proving your competence to your assessors in your final assessment interview.

I hope this helps

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One thought on “RICS Excel Templates – ONLY 5 Years worth of Log Books

  1. Thank you for this post it is very useful to know that only 5years is able to be recorded in th diary and will save me time writing mine up if I only need to do the last 3years.

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