RoC & Ethics Scenario Discussion: Conflict of Interest?

Scenario 5: Conflict of Interest?

Following a recent case about a corporate suing their agent/s.

If you were aware of another surveyor advising a client to purchase a property on the back of knowing another client who would let the building, what would you do?

Would you report the other surveyor?

This Ethcial Scenario is Kindly provided by Will Evans MRICS – Commercial Property Surveyor, DeLever APC Coach and RICS APC Assessor.

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2 thoughts on “RoC & Ethics Scenario Discussion: Conflict of Interest?

  1. Not sure. If they are using their network to introduce two potential partners and everything is kept in the open I can’t see a problem. Particularly if they then distance themselves from appropriate discussions so there is no conflict.

    However, if the two clients are kept appart and advice to one is based upon the knowledge of another, particularly if to the detriment of one or other party then this is a clear conflict and should be reported.

    Best advice is what should be provided even if that means you have to step back from one client for a particular project. It should work in your favour in the long term if clients know they can trust you to do the best for them even if that means no fee for you.


  2. I would advise my colleague that he has an obligation under sec.21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 to declare a personal interest to the client. Until the client has been made fully aware and is happy for my colleague to proceed, then he should not enter into negotiations with the client.

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