RoC & Ethics Scenario Discussion: Gifts / Rewards?

Scenario 3: Gifts / Rewards and General ‘Thank You’s’?


You have come to the end of a really amazing investment deal and a client wishes to show you their grattitude for the work you have done.

In this scenario giving of a gift may be culturally acceptable (or not).

Would you accept a Lamborghini from the client?  What about a crate of champagne?

An interesting scenario spotted by SP.  ( email me your scenarios… )

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4 thoughts on “RoC & Ethics Scenario Discussion: Gifts / Rewards?

  1. I would say a Lamborghini gift is wholly inappropriate and would be seen as a bribe to work together more in the future. The crate of champagne is a bit different. I think as long as it was properly entered in the gift register and shared equally and fairly among the relevant team members then it is fine. But……..firstly the Surveyor would need to consider whether it could be construed as a bribe taking into account the existing and forthcoming relationship with the client. Also, not all team members might drink alcohol in which case it would be inappropriate to accept the gift if only half the relevant team are able to benefit from it. The makeup of the team’s culture may prohibit alcohol and this cannot be overstepped. If in any doubt whatsoever as to if this could impinge on the relationship however, reject it with thanks.

  2. Regardless of what the client is offering by way of a gift, whether it be a car, case of champagne or inexpensive bottle of wine, the key questions to ask yourself here are;
    Is the gift being given to induce future favours or is it a reward for a job well done? What is the value of the gift, is it reasonable and proportionate to the work done? Who is it given to, is it one person or a team? Does the gift have a genuine business purpose? Can you justify the gift and would you be prepared for others to know about it? What is your company policy on accepting gifts and are you following the procedure? What are your colleagues’ views on accepting the gifts?
    If the gifts cannot be accepted in an open and transparent way they should be politely declined.

  3. It would depend on the model of Lamborghini.
    Seriously I would seriously question what the client wanted from me if he was happy to part with such an expensive “gift”.
    I would accept the champagne on the understanding that it was purely a gesture of gratitude rather than an attempt to influence a decision.

  4. Personally I would turn down the Lamborgini. I can’t afford the insurance and it is no good for getting a car seat in the back. It is clearly an inappropiate gift.

    Anything thing that could be used to influence future advice or dealings is a bribe and should be turned down. Over the years I have been offered and accepted bottles at Christmas or the odd lunch but this has never influenced a decision or hav such offers been made with that intention.

    However, if I was ever offered cash or something that was of significant value I would have to turn it down. As mentioned above it should be something that is above board and if possible can be shared.

    I do think there is one exception. That of international trade and different cultures. I have not been involved in international trade but if by not accepting the gift it could be seen as being rude to client then it should be accepted in the spirit it is intended and then declared within the company as part of the income for the project.


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