APC Dilemma – Education & Access to the APC

I’m a non cognate graduate and have a vocational qualification together with a certificate in valuation through the CEM. I’m looking at what the best APC route could be – via AssocRICs and then 900 hours via CEM or to “start again” and go graduate adaptation route 1.  Any views, thoughts or clarifications would be very gratefully received.
Thank you


Just an initial comment, off the cuff, as I have not fully understood your education history (I would need to chat over the detail)….

You could also consider something along the lines of a 2 year distance learning MSc in a surveying related / accredited qualification. (I assume your first degree will make you eligible for this but check with the University).

I believe CEM and other universities provide this (check the RICS web site for the University information (also see www.apccentre.com/links list item 1.7). I also believe that you need only do the diploma (i.e. the Masters WITHOUT the final dissertation) to be eligible to come forward for the APC (discuss this with the University).

The bonus is that if you choose carefully you can enrol on and undertake the APC Graduate Route 1 (www.APCcentre.com/links list item 2.4) in parallel with the Masters course and be eligible to sit in 2 to 2.5 years having not wasted any time. I also think this is as quick ats

The only additional piece of advice I would give you is that whist you can graduate the Masters and probably sit the APC straight away I would give it another 6 months to ensure you can fully focus on the required level of APC preparation.

I hope this helps.  Check out the FREE support I offer at www.APCcentre.com

Kind regards


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