APC CPD… New rules


“Whilst tidying up my APC CPD for submissions in a month, I read the new CPD FAQ’s V1.0 November 2012 which mentions that the following cannot be counted towards CPD:   “Any activity that does not have a clear learning purpose, or does not relate to your  role and/or specialism cannot be considered as appropriate CPD. Activities such as networking, social events, team meetings or informal planning events  and involvement on boards, committees or clubs that have little or no relevance to your  professional role, cannot count towards your CPD requirements”.

I am sure in a previous version of RICS APC ‘Your practical guide to success’ book it said you can attach some sports clubs/teams/social work you do as long as it is relevant.   Can someone please clear up this fine line”.


I am not sure what APC Route you are doing as the PD/CPD requirements are different.  So I shall try and offer some suggestions:

Grad 1 & 2 – You do Professional Development, 48 hours minimum per year, and should be focussing this on your declared competencies and ONLY writing it up in your Template 4  for the APC Graduate Candidate Final Assessment Documentation.  Do not write it up in the RICS web site CPD Online system.  Review the RICS APC Candidate Guide.

Grad 3, Adapt 1 – You do CPD in line with the Chartered Surveyors quota and principles (min 20 hours in last 12 months).  But write it up in Template 4 for the APC Graduate Candidate Final Assessment Documentation. Do not write it up in the RICS web site CPD Online system.  Review the RICS regulation help sheet on CPD.

PER – You do CPD in line with the Chartered Surveyors quota and principles (min 20 hours in last 12 months (New System)).  But write it up in the PER template provided for the APC PER Candidate Final Assessment Documentation. Do not write it up in the RICS web site CPD Online system. Review the RICS regulation help sheet on CPD.

SPR – You do CPD in line with the Chartered Surveyors quota and principles (min 20 hours in last 12 months).  But write it up in the SPR template provided for the APC SPR Candidate Final Assessment Documentation. Do not write it up in the RICS web site CPD Online system.  Review the RICS regulation help sheet on CPD.

Links to all of the above are on the RICS web site or one-click at www.apccentre.com/links/

As for what you should be recording, I would suggest you focus your PD/CPD on a range of learning styles on subjects that will compliment your declared competencies.

I hope this helps

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DeLever Final Assessment Seminars – Next Week…

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See you there.

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Accredited Degree, leading to APC. Who? What? When?


“I have already completed a degree in Business Computing BSc Hons.  Now I would like to become a building surveyor.  I am fully aware there are many pathways in and I also know I need to complete a Masters degree now to become accredited.  Just looking for some information on how I go about the APC and when do I need to start this?  I hope to start the ‘Masters’ in September 2013. I look forward to hearing from you all”.



Hi there, you have a number of options, most of which relate to relevant surveying experience.

I’ll attempt to summarise:

1. Accredited degree or a first degree in anything but topping it up with an accredited masters. 

If you have little or no surveying experience you will likely do Graduate Route 1 (minimum 2 years training) which you can start at the same time as your Masters and run the two in parallel.  Just check with your Masters provider and also the enrolment team at RICS.

NOTE:  the Masters and APC minimum 2 year period coincide at the final assessment and dissertation so my advice is to finish the Masters and do the APC final assessment 6 months later. 

If you have some surveying experience you will still be limited by education and the future the achievement of the Masters so I would still advise you to go with Graduate Route 1 in this instance.

Also the Masters does have a diploma level I believe (excuse me if I have the terminology wrong) but basically the Masters without the dissertation.  RICS will accept the diploma level as access to enrolment too, but again check with the Masters provider and RICS enrolment team.

2. Professional Experience Route

If you have a first degree and it does not really matter what in AND 5 YEARS POST DEGREE experience in the type of surveying you wish to do you can enrol on the PER.  This is a relatively new route but may provide you with an opportunity.

Just make sure though it is relevant experience and I would remind you this IS NOT an easier option as you still have to sit the APC Final Assessment and it is very important to provide the correct submission papers just like the Graduate Route candidates have to.

So, there you have it.

All the various links to all the routes are available on the RICS web site and I have produced a simple one click navigator at www.apccentre.com/links… list 2.0

I also provide online FREE APC Forums once a month that you can come and ask questions (live) and you can register for those at www.delever.com/apcforumonline

Also you can find key dates for enrolment on the RICS web site or at www.apccentre.com on the home page download my useful APC Info sheet.

Hope this helps

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Template 6 and Critical Analysis Project Examples Cross Over

“I’m writing up my template 6.  I gained a lot of level 3 type ‘advice giving’ experience in a number of competencies in one specific project, this project is the subject of my critical analysis.   Should I avoid using this project in my template 6 write up?   By virtue of the fact it is the subject of my critical analysis?   I have other examples to give to meet level 3 however the experience in this particular project provides the best example… Help!”

There is nothing in the APC guides that states you cannot use your Critical Analysis project as an example in Template 6, and if it is a good project that covers a lot of your declared competencies then that may be even more reason to use it.

However, with my assessor hat on…

I would suggest (my personal view) you do not use your Critical Analysis project in your Template 6 as it would be good for the assessors to appreciate the range, depth and breadth of other projects  and processes you have done as part of your declared competency experience.

In  fact, I would expect you to have a range of other projects over and above that which you will record in Template 6, that you can, if required to do so, discuss and demonstrate to the assessors you have had the depth and breadth of your experience.

So the choice is yours…

I hope this helps

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APC Info Sheet – UPDATED – Feb 2013 V6

I have collated a range of APC information into a handy Info Sheet that I use in my travels as an RICS Training Advisor and with my other DeLever seminars and Masterclasses.


Just the other day I realised that it might be useful for anyone to get access to it, so you can now download it here:

Feb 2013 V 6 Updates:
1. PER dates updated
2. Professional Development & CPD info Updated
3. Reiterated importance of checking back with the RICS web site for latest changes as users of this document are not registering in the disclaimer that this is MY document not the RICS’s!!!  On occasion RICS update things that take a while to filter through.  So, it is better to email me back (um, email address is on the top of the document!) and let me know MY document is different (maybe out of date) rather than asking the RICS why theirs is not correct! RICS web site ALWAYS takes precidence over ANY other document or web site so if it does NOT MATCH, the RICS are ALWAYS right.  Simple. (Rant over).


I hope you find it of use.

Note: This document is updated periodically so check back from time to time to make sure you have the latest version.  I will post updates here so why not follow this blog so you can get the latest updates?

Disclaimer:  This document is produced soley by DeLever Limited (Jon Lever FRICS) and is their interpretation of the RICS APC Guides and online information.  Any, content or suggestions are soley the interpretation of DeLever Limited (Jon Lever FRICS) and are not endorsed by any other party.  Candidates use this resource at their own risk and DeLever (Jon Lever FRICS) takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that have been made in its production.

DeLever.TV: Promoting and Raising Awareness of Construction Technology

DeLever.TV:  Promoting and Raising Awareness of Construction Technology

contec3It has been a bit of a niggle for many years that a fair number of APC candidates I have assessed know little or nothing about the depth of Construction Technology.

An idea came to me that through the use of todays technology (YouTube) I could at least make an attempt to offer APC candidates the opportunity to develop and grow their knowledge of Construction Technology.  So, I am on a mission to find the ‘good’ links and videos that will assist and inform.

Why not pop along to   www.DeLever.tv   and take a look at the videos I have already found for your interest.  I think, so far, I have only scratched the surface!

If you find any useful links, why not post them as a reply to this post or email them to me at:  jon@delever.com

I hope you find this resource of use.

Kind regards